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Hood Internet – Go Hahahaha (Das Racist x Cults)

"Call me Dwight Schrute the way that I eat beats."

Hearing Das Racist’s flow for the first time a few months back, I really enjoyed their free form style. It reminds me of the drunk fist kung fu fighter, Brad Wong, on Dead or Alive 3 – basically, a loose, free flowing style. Almost every beat of theirs I run across fits their flow quite well, but in one of their latest tracks, “Hahahaha jk”, that feeling wasn’t quite there.

When I heard The Hood Internet’s mashed up version with The Cult’s “Go Outside”, I thought it was a much better fit. The Cult’s backup vocals & instrumentals give Das Racist’s original a laid back vibe more fitting to their loose lip style. It still may not be my favorite Das Racist track, but this mashup is an interesting collision of genres […]

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[audio:Go-Haha.mp3|titles=Go Hahahaha]

H•A•M by Kanye West & Jay-Z

Not so Hard (As A Motherfucker)

Kanye & Jay-Z have teamed up once again for what’s rumored to be a 5-track EP, entitled Watch the Throne, with an expected release date sometime in March. So until Kanye’s GOOD Fridays start dropping again, we’ve got a teaser of Watch the Throne‘s first single – H•A•M (Hard as a Motherfucker).

Now, as much as I was anticipating their first single, I wondered what Kanye & Jay-Z would do with a track titled H•A•M. Hearing it stood for Hard as a Motherfucker, my first thought was wouldn’t it be H•A•A•M […]

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Apologize Children (DOSVEC Mashup)

One Republic vs Dave Darell

There may have been a lot of criticism on the last song I posted of DOSVEC’s – even though it reached #1 on The Hype Machine – but his ability to enthrall me in contemporary rock & R&B vocalists through electro-heavy beats is sincerely impressive.

Check out DOSVEC’s mashup of Dave Darell’s “Children” & One Republic’s “Apologize”. I think he may have even one-upped Timbaland in how to handle One Republic’s original, but that may be saying a little too much just yet […]

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[audio:Apologize-Children.mp3|titles=Apologize Children (DOSVEC Mashup)]

Ninja Tune XX – Bonobo

Where nature meets hip-hop

Copped this from Ninja Tune back in September, but lost it in my hoard of music – until now. I actually ran across it when going over my top ten albums of 2010Black Sands #2, baby.

This Ninja Tune release features five Bonobo tracks, mostly remixes. It’s no Black Sands, but it’s a healthy dose of Bonobo and that hip-hop infused scenic sound of his.

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[audio:Eyes-Down.mp3,Ghost-Ship.mp3|titles=Eye’s Down (Breach Remix),Ghost Ship]

Top Ten Albums of 2010

A whole new appreciation for this year's best

Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr Rager #1 Album of 2010
Black Sands #2 Album of 2010
Broken Bells #3 Album of 2010
Plastic Beach #4 Album of 2010
My Dark Twisted Fantasy #5 Album of 2010
The Lady Killer #6 Album of 2010
Safe in the Steep Cliffs #7 Album of 2010
The Preview by Chiddy Bang #8 Album of 2010
Glowing in the Darkest Night #9 Album of 2010
Relayted #10 Album of 2010

Lisztomania (DeeJayFen Remix) – Phoenix

featuring a lil' Lil' Jon

I’m still trying to find my current tastes in rock and of course I’m leaning towards the electronic induced rock. DeeJayFen’s remix of “Lisztomania” is a relaxing, trip-hop taste on Phoenix’s original, and brings in a nice kick, as well. I still don’t prefer Lil’ Jon’s cameo, but in the least it doesn’t take away from the song.

Thanks Fen for the SoundCloud submission, love getting music dropped in my SoundCloud box – so much easier getting tracks sent to ya than […]

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Fire Dust (White Panda Mashup) – feat. Lil’ Wayne

Give me the sounds, Panda.

How I haven’t featured these two white pandas before, I don’t know – I mean, they’re one of the groups that turned me onto BandCamp in the first place. I guess I was waitin’ for something new to lay down for y’all.

The White Panda released a new track on SoundCloud and it’s one hell of a dubstep mashup. Of course I’m a sucker for Lil’ Wayne reworks – he could take some production advice from peeps like these and the many others that have done justice to Weezy’s rhymes […]

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Hyper (feat. Axe Girl) by Beatman and Ludmilla

Starting the year off right... musically.

My 2011 is starting out not so great – sick ‘n’ working. Musically, however, it’s starting out quite fuckin’ nicely. I’ve had a rush of good artists come my way and I’m eager to show ’em off (pending how sick I get).

First up is a duo from Hungary. I haven’t tapped too much into the Hungarian market, but this sure is one hell of an intro. Not only that, half the duo is female! It’s quite difficult to find good female producers in this jockage filled genre, but it’s damn refreshing (and sexy) when you […]

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