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Symbiosis Gathering 2016

The one thing to bring to a festival

For the second year in a row at Symbiosis I wasn’t prepared.

With camping equipment, the right clothing and food. All the things you should prepare for when your off the grid for a few days. But one thing makes those problems a lot easier to deal with, friends. It’s easy to survive in the city alone, but not out there.

There’s no better place for short bursts of conversation with people than places like Symbiosis. Even the occasional longer, deeper ones and more rare one’s that last past the moment. But there’s one thing that can make finding these connections easier than ever, friends. The more friends you have in your own camp, the more connections you have going around Symbiosis.

It’s hard to get friends there, but it’s much harder to survive & prosper without them.

Great performances, but not overall sound

The performers at Symbiosis had a range of different styles emerging in music, but the sound outside of the stages felt like the gut curdling glitch hop I loved back in 2012. Of course the first one to come to mind was the most comical, GlitchHopapotomus.

Not to come off as a complete dick. I love a good handful of glitch hop, if you call it that. I’ll dedicate a playlist to it for the next Symbiosis.

Photos thanks to the good man, Rudy Padilla

Fuck advertising

We had the opportunity to meet with the founders of Symbiosis and they brought up a great value that we hold just as proudly, no advertising. In what seems like the standard in how to make money easiest online, it’s good to see something so disconnected stand alone without it.

A playlist of Ta-ku I made for Symbiosis

Ta-ku tracklist

Wafia – Heartburn
Everything About Her (Remix of Oisima)
Cruel (Remix of Snakehips)
Love & Pain (Remix of JMSN)

One Type Of Dark (Remix of Ginger & The Ghost)
Charles Murdoch – Frogs feat. Wafia & Hak
Love Somebody (+ Wafia)
I Miss You

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Day 26
Night 11
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Night 2
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Krule Love
EXOMONSTER feat. Daniel Crawford