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Jack ya Booty

I love house music. I also hate it. It’s some of my favorite music to dance to, but a lot of it sounds like shit (made for drug use).

Over the eight years this blog recently turned, we’ve tried to break up house into sub-genres. It’s tough, on the verge of impossible, but it’s important. Genres are more of a shade of something than a hard line, but it’s how we discover music, tie it into a pretty bow, and call it a playlist.

My annual disco mix is probably my favorite. I don’t get enough of the harder bass out, but one’s coming soon. The softer, sexier stuff is probably put out most often, but this one right here is what I would define as straight house.

Even though some of it’s called g-house or tech house. Where the beat sounds slightly stepped back.

HOLD UP tracklist

Falcons – Want Your Body
Croatia Squad – Make You Hustle
EDX – My Friend

Sgt Slick – Get Loose
Calippo – What Is House
Jax Jones — House Work (feat. Mike Dunn & MNEK)

FREY & WAXY – Club Crusher
Scotty Boy – Come Correct
Skitzofrenix & Helsloot – So Into You

Vanilla Ace – Whistle Blower
Endgrain — 4 x 4
N A T N O I Z — Bumper

BIJOU — Lockdown
Mason – Rhino
Gonzak – Wanna Do It

Semedo & Curtis Gabriel – Some People Say
SODF – Go Hard [Ft. Domzi]
EROZ – Krunk

Dmitri Saidi, No Hopes – Shadow
Tough Art – No Diggity
AIRWOLF — Back On It

Me & My Toothbrush – Come On
Antonio Giacca – Birdland
3TOS — Lies

The Golden Boy – Night Tube
Lex & Wood, Stonehouse – Dawn
Space Jump Salute – Insert Sample