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25 EnormousTunes

How do you define G house

My obsession with EnormousTunes has been growing over the year, but another music fanatic friend first told me about them before that. She made a list about this time last year and I can see now what she saw back then, especially with artists like Calippo, Sons of Maria, Nora En Pura and Me & My Toothbrush on both of our lists. Frey & Croatia Squad are my top two though.

EnormousTunes reminds me of Ghetto Funk in that the label defines a genre, but where as Ghetto Funk is also the name of the genre, EnormousTunes is what I think of when I think of G house. If I had to describe G house: a kick that comes from the gullet or gutter (gully?), something like that, falling on the tech/no house sound. A lot of them are remixing classic rap songs, also like Ghetto funk. But going through Enormous’ SoundCloud page, I realized that’s not all they do.

I found a lot more styles of house in there. This list starts with the best, gets into old disco & rap turned house and ends on the deep side.

EnormousTunes tracklist

Croatia Squad – Street Dance
Calippo – Street Blaster
OMR & ADRY – Time

Croatia Squad & Frey – White Horse (OMR & ADRY Remix)
Croatia Squad & Lika Morgan – Make Your Move
SHKT & Vanilla Ace – Fall In Love (Giacca & Flores Remix)
Me & My Toothbrush – Blow Up Like Dynamite

Giacca & Flores – Delight
Me & My Toothbrush – Drop That
Vision Factory & Cooltimes – Keep It Goin

Earstrip – Shake That Ass
Croatia Squad – Milking (Earstrip remix)
The Beatangers & Boogie Vice – Big Mouth
Frey – Harlem On The Rise

Croatia Squad – Do It Again
Antonio Giacca – The Philly Jam
Calippo – Off The Scent
Daniel Portman – Casa Rumba

Me & My Toothbrush – Air Miles
Antonio Giacca – Down Like The River
Nora En Pure – On The Beach

Cedric Zeyenne – Careless
Calippo – Loving You
Calippo – Mr. Love You
Fraser Whalen – Too Deep