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The House that Jack Built

Here's a little help to get that swag in your step

Back in high school a friend of mine invited me to a show at First Avenue in Minneapolis where Prince recorded Purple Rain. One of the side stages was playing all house music and when I stepped in I thought, I am the only white dude here, except one other guy we’ll get to in a second.

I’ve been to clubs in London, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, where ever, but I never saw anything like this. Guys were thrusting their pelvises into women. Women were thrusting women. Men thrusting walls and anything else they could their hands and waists on. It seemed like a comic over embellishment. Some were thrusting so hard they knocked the other person over.

The other white dude I was just talking about thrusted a girl so hard she fell off the stage. When she got back up she thought I was the guy and started bitching me out, but quickly realized I wasn’t him.

I only realized while watching a documentary on house music called Pump Up The Volume that this style of dancing happened all in the time in the 80’s. And they called it Jacking. Although this was probably one of the more extreme forms. More like Jackhammering.

Our playlist is inspired by Jack with songs that are more than just the standard four on the floor type house. Something with a little more flavor. From g-house to tech-house and garage, let’s bring Jack back :P

The House That Jack Built

James Curd – Jack Be Nimble
Croatia Squad – Drop That Skirt
Mahalo – Back Again
Le Youth – Girl

Group VI & Realssm – Dirty Clothes
Blackstreet – No Diggity (Figgy Remix)
Croatia Squad & Me And My Toothbrush – S.L.E.D.G.E
Paul Richmond – Respect Me

Network – My Body
Frey – Ridin’ Higher
Juany Bravo – Body Dangerous

Croatia Squad & Me And My Toothbrush – 2 Up In The Morning
Get A Room ! – Agony & Pain (Les Hiboux Remix)
Ryan Collins & BIJOU – Get Money
Craig Chambers – Bitchin’