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The Day That Disco Died

Hottest Nu-Disco in the Funkin World, our first disco list from back in 2012, had Disco Stu as its mascot. I remember someone complained about how Stu was a shining example of our culture’s lack of respect for disco. As subtle and culturally ingrained as it may be.

Back in 1979, a protest dubbed Disco Demolition Night went on at Comiskey Park in Chicago. Most of us see it on the surface level as people disliking disco and its overt sexual acceptance. But a less apparent hate against homosexual and interracial relationships had stained its legacy even further.

Today is a point in time that’s going to stir up a lot more shit against minorities and the LGBT community, and destroy a lot of good things. But when disco died back in the early 80’s, something greater rose up. I wonder what will come after house music.

BURN DISCO tracklist

Desired – Get Rdy
Flamingosis x MACROSS 82-99 – Now Or Never
J Paul Getto – The Vibe

Saint Pepsi – Vanilla Pepsi (Desired Edit)
Kill Me Baby – Love You Like I Can
Crackazat – Coffee Time

Amherst – Heart In Hand
Msystem – You’ll Be Ready
Tightshirt & Dynamique – Turn Me Down

FARE SOLDI – She Knows Magic
Wolfgang Gartner – Speed Of Sound
MousseT – Horny ’98 (Bossano Remix)

SEASON – We Both Cry
LAGUNE – Dancin’
Escape – Without Your Love

Yung Bae – I Want Cha Back
UniBe@t – baby

LAKIM – Nobody Else
Night Tempo – Mint

Lola Disco & Cero Rio – Ring Ring
My NamE – So Léger
Kokiri – Be Cool