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Next to You

The soul side of house music

Finding a name and cover art is the biggest pain in the ass putting these playlists together.

Our “Next to You” playlist is all sexy house beats, but naming it with some variation of Sex & House (ex: House Be Sexy) gets old fast. You do want those keywords for discoverability, but the name of a playlist is its second introduction, the artwork is its first. Both are important to catch the listeners eye initially.

I just fell in love with the Flamingosis track, Next to You. It may not have the same vibe as the rest of the list, but the name couldn’t match it more.

Next to You (Sexy House) tracklist

VESTALUS – Is This Real?
Robots Can’t Dance – running
Slowz & Egoh – Never Knew

Gill Bondy – So Alive
olmos – Hold Me
Attom – Stay

CIEN – Float
Mall Grab – Can’t
Kaskade Vs ZHU – In The Morning

UniBe@t – your lovin’
3 Monkeyzz – For You
White Cliffs – Comfortable

VESTALUS – This is Real
Emancipator – Land & Sea Feat. Molly Parti

Flamingosis – Next to You