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Music of the Year, 2015

Went to way too many festivals

2015 was the year of live music for us. We covered eight festivals. I don’t think I’ve been to that many before in my life.

Hip hop seemed to make a return on here. That’s what we started on, but hit a major dip from 2010 to 2013. It started back up in 2014 with Kendrick Lamar, and predecessors have been poppin’ up all over the place since. Some with possibly more potential than Kendrick himself. One at the top of this list.

Other genres in electronic dominated the year even more. We got out a good amount of Kawaii in the first half, but future & trap took over the second. And of course house has been most dominate. Going from the deeper, heavier side and splitting into future & chill house near the end, as well as the funkier side of house music to jack to.

The amount of new singers seems to have dipped compared to past years, but the quality hasn’t. Anderson Paak, Madelyn Grant, Liz Vice & Joey Dosik to name out of the dozen others with clear personalities in their voices.

We’ve collected 29 tracks in total and a list of our 12 musicians with the most potential. Plus our biggest accomplishments of the year below that, the playlists. We put together 35 in total! That’s up from 25 last year.

Anderson Paak ——————————————————————— Madelyn Grant
Anderson .PaakMadelyn Grant

Josh J. ——————————————————————— Seiho
Josh J.Seiho

Egoh ————————————————————————– Jafunk

Shaun Frank ——————————————————————– SG Lewis
Shaun FrankSG Lewis

Caius ————————————————————————– A-1

One T ——————————————————————– Gallant
One TGallant

Music of the Year, 2015 tracklist

EOM – Get Along (feat. Anderson .Paak & Blu)
Emancipator – Seven Seas feat. Madelyn Grant
Thundercat – Them Changes

Babble – Sundazin (feat. Josh J.)
Seiho – NAKED

Egoh – I Need This Love
Jafunk – This Thing
Super Duper – Don’t Worry
Xander Lewis – Honeydew

Shaun Frank – Time
Flight Facilities – Down To Earth

Robots Can’t Dance – Never
SG Lewis – Shivers Ft. JP Cooper
Caius – Love You Right

Lehvi – She is S-Class
Bamf – Day 2
toy box – Catahoula

Emancipator – Land & Sea Feat. Molly Parti
Eryn Allen Kane – Have Mercy
Liz Vice – Empty me Out
Joey Dosik – Running Away
SHORMEY – Party Down

A-1 – Good People
PELL – The Never (feat. LV Baby)
One T – Don’t Rush
ZHU x Gallant – Testarossa Music