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Madelyn Grant

How could you not want to work with this woman

The first time I ran into Madelyn Grant’s name was on Odesza’s Sun Models. I had recently uploaded the track to SoundCloud and she had contacted me about including her name in the title. The only reason I hadn’t in the first place was because they really chopped and skewed her vocals, making her voice barely recognizable. But she was real nice about it and it seemed more than fair.

About two months later and I see Madelyn Grant on FKJ’s Waiting. I didn’t remember she was on Odesza’s track at first, but once I did I was all the more in love. Madelyn has a breathtaking voice, but even better she knows how to use it – a much bigger problem with most vocalists.

Since then Madelyn has collaborated with a favorite of mine, Emancipator. I asked her how she got to collaborate with all these legitimate producers and she said, I sent them my demos.

That’s it. In Odesza’s case they were requesting female vocalists, but the other two she just sent them a sample. That’s all it took. How the fuck does that happen? Oh wait, that doesn’t. Minus with Madelyn.

I’ve put together a playlist of my favorite songs of her’s as well as another list for producers she should also send her music to. Although, this time I think they should be doing the reaching out.

Madelyn Grant tracklist

FKJ – Waiting feat. Madelyn Grant
Emancipator – Seven Seas feat. Madelyn Grant
ODESZA – Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)

Madelyn Grant & Alekos Syropoulos – Purpose
Madelyn Grant – Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover)

Potential Madeyln Grant Producers tracklist

One T – All I Wanted (w/ Josh J)
Seiho – Double Bed
Janet Jackson – So Excited (Bishiclet Remix)

Panda – In Your Eyes
Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses
Wayward – Hurricane ft. Michele Chiavarini

Birdy – People Help the People (T.I.P Remix)
Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)
Moon Boots – There’s No Love
Alpine – Hands (Goldroom Remix)

Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive – Real Talk
Shaun Frank – Time

Tycho – Dye

There’s nothing more humbling than to have someone you respect appreciate what you do.

Madelyn Facebook

Madelyn Grant
Genre: Soul, R&B, Jazz
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Madelyn Grant on: SoundCloud | Wix | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram