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Theophilus London Live in Minneapolis

with Gigamesh, Katy Morley & Astronautalis, Greg Grease and Venus X

Theophilus Minneapolis (banner)

This Saturday I got the chance to go see Theophilus London play for the first time in Minneapolis. I don’t go to too many shows to review them, mostly because it’s far more fun to watch the crowds than the performers and also because I tend to drink, which usually leads me to no good.

Morley & Astro

My biggest problem with drinking is that I lose my memory, so covering events prove difficult. I tried to hold off as much as I could for this show, but what the hell is my job there anyways? …well, I guess to remember it is one thing. I got my photographer, Chris, there who looks like he’s actually doing something, while I’m there worrying about how I’m gonna have to bullshit another write up. So I had a few drinks, remembered more than a few moments and had a good time finding a few new groups.

Theophilus was actually on stage when I got there, making last adjustments to the sound before the show. Chris pointed how different he performed before the show compared to the performance later on. When he came on at 12, it seemed like he was playing more to the crowd’s vibe than just for his music. Obviously the crowd loved his performance, but I loved the more mellow jam session with his two guitarists before all the hoopla. But what I loved even more was one of his opening acts!

Ms. Morley & ASTRONAUTALIS blew me away with their strange sound // beautiful vocal pairing. I remember mentioning to Chris that this was gonna get weird, I’ve heard the two separately before, when Astronautalis soon after warned of it as well. I really wish I could get into more of what I enjoyed and what made it so different, but my mixture of alcoholic forgetfulness and the lack of anything of theirs online makes me a failure once again at “covering” a live show. :P

A few thoughts on the other performers:
Greg Grease (opener): his production was actually what I remember most from his set, partially because I don’t look into MC’s live acts all the much. So I’m listening to him right now and catching his flow much more.

Gigamesh: (after Morley&Astronautalis): I’ve actually caught his work before and featured it here, but wasn’t too impressed with him live. The music was hot as hell – disco’s back, baby! – but his performance wasn’t all that exciting – but this is a big problem with most DJ/producers.

Venus X: I’m really not gonna try to be too harsh on her, but her mix of music was disappointing. It got the crowd riled up, but it’s pretty easy with mainstream, bass-boosting rap. Even worse, was her attempt to fuck with the tracks, which even the crowd didn’t know what the hell she was thinking.

Much love to all who made this happen: Chris Reder, basil Lee & Studiiyo23