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DJ 21azy ·· Sleeping Through Sunday EP

A handful of new mashups from Minneapolis' finest masher

DJ 21azy throws us four new mashups in his Sleeping Through Sunday EP, which features a few of hip-hop’s (somewhat) recent top acts. The mashups are something different, bringing these MC’s into a few new styles, but only half really catch my ear. But make sure to check out the whole EP and see for yourself.

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[audio:Cudder-One-Down.mp3|titles=A Cudder One Down (DJ 21azy Mashup)]

Kid Cudi · Dose of Dopeness

Produced by Dot Da Genius

“Dose of Dopeness” has been in the works since Cudi’s breakout hit, “Day N Night,” and it’s been hypin’ steadily ever since. It’s got the usual Cudder flow with a delicate beat to match up, but it doesn’t seem to have that punch to make it anything better than a few days hype.

Their new album & moniker, WZRD, will also be released next week. Should be a whole different style coming from these two.

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[audio:Dose-Of-Dopeness.mp3|titles=Dose of Dopeness (Produced by Dot Da Genius)]

WZRD · Brake

Kid Cudi & Do da Genius's mind-bending electro-rock

WZRD is Cudi’s next step, bringing in Dot Da Genius and forming an electro-intoxicating rock duo. Their first single, “Brake,” still has some of the old Cudi, but with a whole lotta new. Whether you like their psychedelic rap-rock or not, Cudi’s flow is still on that mind-numbing, next level shyt. And this is just the start – can’t wait for what’s to come (early) next year.

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Kid Cudi · Bigger Than You (Prod. Emile)

Unreleased Kid Cudi tracks = GOOD times.

This goes way back to ’07 in what’s rumored to be Cudi’s first Emile produced track. It was suppose to be on Cudi’s debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, but was cut due to an unfinished leak, titled as “Do It Alone.” Well, it was worth the wait – here’s a freshly pressed version just for you… & you & you & you.

What’s there to say about “Bigger Than You” – classic lines from Cudi, smooth n’ stoner savvy beats. It’s another chill hip-hop track that I’d give Cudi a little criticism for not bringin his sound forward, but we’re bringin in it back, so that wouldn’t make much sense. ;)

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[audio:Bigger-Than-You.mp3|titles=Bigger Than You (Prod. Emile)]

Eminem · The Way I Am

White Lotus "Soundtrack 2 My Life" Mashup

In White Lotus’ latest, one of Eminem’s greatest is matched against Cudi’s instrumentals from “Soundtrack to My Life.” Lotus has a gift for finding tracks that go well with each other and placing one on top of the other ‘like a glove’ (a few other examples).

This sure does take Eminem’s rhymes and puts ’em with beats more consistent with the times.

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[soundcloud url="" params="player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=292929" height="18"]

Kid Cudi · Marijuana (No Pets Allowed Remix)

Sometimes simple is best [especially in dubstep]

No Pets remix of “Marijuana” puts more mary to the jane with some high-pitched synths and a thunder-rumbling bass. It may not be that over complicated, insanely sloppy dubstep, but sometimes simple is best [especially in dubstep].

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[soundcloud url="" params="player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=292929" height="18"]

SoundKlout 8 : DJ Whatt

Taking music to new heights with that mashup game

There are many things to say about the music coming from DOSVEC, aka DJ Whatt, but what stands out the most is his ability to mash emerging styles. Mashup artists are the purveyors of what styles should already be working together, but haven’t quite gotten the clue, yet. DOSVEC takes many opposing styles and makes our ears’ adjust to something that’s a bit experimental now, but commonplace in a few years.

Mashups are right »

[soundcloud url="" params="player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=292929" height="18"]

Kid Cudi · No One Believes Me

A video & track for the upcoming horror remake, Fright Night.

I love just about everything Cudi does, but damn is he goin’ pop… which is making me go pop :( Okay, he’s not making me do anything, but I do love what he’s doin – even it’s for the mainstream media.

In his most recent track, “No One Believes Me”, Kid Cudi dishes out the usual manic depressiveness, but with a bit darker theme for the upcoming horror remake, Fright Night. It may be a bit less soulful, which got me into Cudi in the first place, but I can’t hate on an artist that’s trying to expand their sound – more artists should do the same.

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[audio:No-One-Believes-Me.mp3|titles=No One Believes Me]

The Knux · Run (feat. Kid Cudi)

Lots of very familiar sounding voices on this.

Caught another gem on the Turntable from good ol’ marc of MJF. The Artist/Title were ‘unknown’ at the time, so while trying to figure it out, it started to remind me of something Kid Cudi‘s new rock project would sound like… with a bit more pop twist to it. Well, Cudi’s lyrics eventually chimed in and I realized he was featured on the track.

At first, the song felt a bit too poppy, but after a few listens it started to grow on me and become one catchy tune in my head. The chorus was especially catchy, which still reminds me of the lead singer of 311, Nick […]

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[audio:Run-Knux.mp3|titles=Run (feat. Kid Cudi)]

Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius · Perfect is the Word

Premiere track from Kid Cud & Dot Da Genius's new band

That WizardCud created a little hype tonight, premiering his first song from his highly anticipated rock-band with Dot Da Genius, 2 Be Continuum.

“Perfect is the Word” sets their first single off with an interesting twist. When I thought of Kid Cudi going rock, it put an image of Hendrix in my head (blame Erase Me) with a melodramatic rapper vibe at heart. But after listening to the track, it’s more like Hendrix’s LSD daze tripped into a shroomed out wallow.

Whatever kind of fucked up it is, Cudi’s new shit will grow on me soon enough – it always does.

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[audio:Perfect-Is-The-Word.mp3|titles=Perfect is the Word]