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One Sexy List of Love Songs

You may not like 'em all, but you'll definitely find one you love

Here’s a collection of my favorite love songs. The first four were really the driving force to make this list, but every one of ’em is sexy as hell. The list ranges from contemporary R&B to classic rock to trip-hop instrumentals and everything in-between. Although, all of them won’t be appreciated by everyone, I guarantee you’ll each find a gem of your own.

If I get enough response out of this, I’ll make up more of these love makin’ lists – there were many I couldn’t include due to lack of time. So tell me your favorites and what you want to be included on the next list, so we can find more love makin music together.

Lastly, this may not be a comprehensive list, but forget about what it doesn’t have and get into what it does. Thanks to all who helped with this!

[audio:What-You-Need.mp3,The-Gaudy-Side-of-Town.mp3,Velocity-of-Love.mp3,Choosey-Lover.mp3,Gravitational-Communications.mp3,Stroker-Ace.mp3,Venus.mp3,She-Said.mp3,Old-Fashioned.mp3,How-Deep-Is-Your-Love.mp3,Roslyn.mp3,And-I-Love-Her.mp3,Baby-I-Love-Your-Way.mp3,Let-Me-Be-The-One-You-Need.mp3|titles=What You Need,The Gaudy Side of Town,Velocity of Love,Choosey Lover,Gravitational Communication,Stroker Ace,Venus,She Said,Old Fashioned,How Deep Is Your Love,Roslyn,And I Love Her,Baby I Love Your Way,Let Me Be The One You Need]
I’m still trying to find a better player, but use this for now. Use arrows to toggle through music.
Download: MediaFire link
(hit me up when it goes down)

The Weekend – “What You Need”: I cannot believe how popular these two aren’t and how much they should be. [UPDATE: obviously, the opposite is true now and it’s just The Weeknd.]
GAYNGS – “The Gaudy Side of Town”: given the people in this group, GAYNG’s debut album should’ve been one of the best love albums of our time, but I guess we can all live with a couple of lovely ones.
D-Pulse – “Velocity of Love”: who would’ve thought a group outta Russia could put out such a soulful tune – without words, no less? I did.
The Isley Brothers – “Choosey Lover”: it was between this and “Between the Sheets.” “Choosey Lover” won it for pure vibe reasons. Lyrics may be a different story.


DJ Frane – “Gravitational Communication”: beats to blaze to may describe him best, but music to make love to would be my second guess.
Lovage – “Stroker Ace”: “my tail alone could tell you tails”
Zion I – “Venus”: help me figure out the lyrics at 1:29. All the lyric sites say it’s this, “of the nubians, she’s queen of illu-sion. Got a sub of box of mens thoughts.” What the hell is a “sub of box”? Here’s what I’m thinking, “obillusion (something like that), she’s queen of illusion. Got a savant art of men’s thoughts.”
Love lyric games, though I tend to make up my own shit instead.
The Pharcyde – “She Said”: “daddy’s home”


Cee Lo Green – “Old Fashioned”: putting the old soul into today’s music (sounds like a radio station tagline).
The Bird and The Bee – “How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees Cover)”: couldn’t decide on a Bee Gees song, so I let Inara George’s beautiful vocals do it for me.
Bon Iver & St. Vincent – “Rosyln”: when I found out what “Rosyln” was about, I thought it might not be too appropriate for a bunch of love songs, so I went to “Skinny Love.” Again, I realized that it wasn’t the most appropriate song, so I thought, fuck it, back to “Rosyln”. It’s about the sound.


The Beatles – “And I Love Her”: can’t have a love list of songs without The Beatles.. or really anything they apply to.
Peter Frampton – “Baby, I Love Your Way” (Live): that would’ve been a hell of a concert.
Bill Withers – “Let Me Be The One You Need”: could’ve posted about five others of his

Two Lovers Looking at the Sky