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Phono del Sol

Must see Duckwrth & Thee Oh Sees live

Phono del Sol is a boutique, one day festival at Potrero del Sol park in San Francisco. I planned on going to the festival in 2016 to see Adam Vida, but lived in the peninsula at the time, which was apparently too long of a trek for me that day.

2017 was for DUCKWRTH. I had never interviewed anyone in person and I had to save it for someone special. It was an enlightening talk and energetic performance. Thee Oh Sees also had an eye stunning set, but the most beautiful thing wasn’t any of the acts. It was behind them.

Both of the two stages at Phono were set behind lush green backgrounds, also called trees and shrubbery. DUCKWRTH and Thee Oh Sees set were especially beautiful with vines covering the stage. In an age of electronic producers djing in front of lit up metal walls, it’s nice to stare at something natural for an hour long set.

Such a fanboy

The one thing I didn’t want to tell DUCKWRTH was that this would be my first interview. I wanted to give the illusion I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. Guess what the first thing I told him was.

Looking back on it, I was the worst kind of fanboy, I was a giddy mess. I talked half the time and really just wanted to shoot the shit about music. I don’t find enough people to talk to that know this industry as well.

It took halfway through the interview with one question to get a more meaningful conversation going: what’s something people don’t ask you about that you wish they would? I asked if interviewers always ask the same shit, which DUCKWRTH gave a relieving yes.

We talked more candid after that with topics from killing animals (even insects), artificial intelligence (he’s a bit more pessimistic), and (my favorite topic) music. I ended up recommending three musicians – Tom Misch, FKJ, and Josh J. – not realizing how they all related: guitar.

I ended it with DUCKWRTH promising me he would listen to a playlist I’d make for him. Though to be fair, I made him promise, so he really doesn’t have to, but you do.

Rock Show 2017 tracklist

Grynpyret – Airplane Food
Seiho – NAKED
Xander Lewis – Honeydew

FKJ – Lying Together
Flamingosis – Next To You
gavin turek – On The Line
Leven Kali — Joy
Brasstracks – Melanin Man (feat. Masego)

innanet james — Frequency Feat. The Kount
Kraak & Smaak – Prescription (feat. Eric Biddines) (Moods Remix)

Angelo Ferreri & Topa – DA MUSIC SO FUNKY
Nick Pacoli – Ualreadyknow
TEK.LUN — Aburoy

VANTAGE // – Patrick Converter (ft. Chrollo)
Kount × Harrison – Knight Life
starRo – House Party

Sgt Slick – Get Loose
Croatia Squad – Make You Hustle
Vindata – Keep On

tregs — breathe
Liam Back – Would I Lie To You
Pold – winter chill

JonEcks – Freak With You
Laster – Wild Card
Babble — Sundazin (feat. Josh J.)