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Coyote Kisses’ Anthem HARD RMX

Fuck Kanye, now this shit is as Hard as a Motherfucker!

Coyote Kisses

I gotta admit what initially attracted me to this song was Coyote Kisses’ promoter, Abigail, who I thought produced it at the time. It’s hard to come by good female producers, if any, and a track like this with a female behind it would’ve been so damn sexy!

But after some digging around, I found the track was done by the male dominated duo, Coyote Kisses. I may have been a little let down at first, but after getting into their music, it could’ve been composed by a damn donkey for all I cared.

Since then I’ve listened to a handful of their work, but their Anthem still hits the hardest – although their other shit still blows me away. It isn’t just some dirty dubstep beat with overly coiled industrial grinds; Coyote’s Anthem takes such opposing sounds and dubsteps them to perfection. The high pitched catch – at ~1:20 – especially hits my high right.

Finally, here’s a few words about how the song came about –

The first Coyote Anthem came to be because Bryce (my bandmate) and I stayed up all night working on it in his garage over the summer. Reminiscent of elementary school slumber parties, we had so much fun just writing music we both loved as best friends. Therefore, we called it the “Coyote Anthem” because it was the result of our energy as a band channeled into one song.

Upon remixing it, we had both learned so much about production since the first version, so we felt obligated to re-vamp it, but the heavy grinding bass in opposition to the light-hearted, fun vocals in the middle still represents the “spirit” of our band.

– Joe

[audio:Coyote-Anthem.mp3|titles=Coyote Anthem HARD RMX]
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Coyote Kisses:
Genre: Electronica
Styles: Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep
Members: Joe Sussingham, Bryce Bresnan
Origin: Lexington, Virginia; Sarasota, Florida
Links: SoundCloud | YouTube | | MySpace