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Better than any basic house beat

Original artwork by Alma Haser

I’ve been to a handful of music festivals this year, but rarely did I dance. A lot of the house & techno at these festivals were more for raving than dancing and I prefer the midtempo soul anyway. Something you find in a lot of hip-hop and trap these days.

This playlist is all about what I love dancing to most right now and if you really love to dance you will too. I guess most of this would fall under trap music, but like every other style it seems ruined by mainstream.

It may sound funny at first, but this is what the future of dance music sounds like. It’ll at least be up there with house. I’m tellin ya!

Our offbeat trap tracklist

Seiho – NAKED
Grynpyret – I Forgive
Jumo – Sleep

Dreamers Delight – Around
Bulletproof – DFWM$
Dirty Chocolate – Hologram
Keys N Krates – I Know U
uth.fruit – Too Much Litchi

Coyote Kisses – Illusion
Big Wild – Aftergold
Go Yama – Why like that lah
Elènne – Burning Bridges

20syl – You Know
Electrocado – Speedle (ft. Circuit Bent)
Jonny Faith – Slumber
Soundpalette – Diamonds & Pearls