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Nothing but Silence by Debaser (feat. Grayskul)

Plus a bonus track - Less Human.

Album Artwork of Crown Control by Debaser

What first got me into underground hip hop was its eclectic use of instrumentals. Nothing but Silence is an interesting example of this, with a beat that I can best describe as gothic or horror-like… horror hip hop? Anyone want to help me out on this one? Anyways, the beat is tight and drops on key several times (e.g., check out 1:24). Ethic & Sapient, as well as the featured Grayskul members, lay down some rhymes that were made for this beat (makes sense ;)). I wish I knew a little more about Debaser’s style, but their new album just dropped this last May, so maybe that’ll give me a better understanding of ’em. Check the song, love it, do whatever with it.

You know, after listening to Crown Control another time ’round, I’m starting to like some other songs off it, so I thought I’d include another track – Less Human – just because… and the sick beat.

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Debaser Information:
Genre: Hip-Hop
Origin: Eugene, Oregon
Ethic: MC
Sapient: MC, Producer
Label: Sand People Music
Albums: Crown Control | Peerless
Similar Artists: Sandpeople | Grieves | Braille | Grayskul
Links: Wikipedia | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace | | AllMusic

Nothing but Silence Information:
Album: Crown Control
Release Date: June 6, 2006
Featuring: Grayskul
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon Mp3 | iTunes