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2013’s Best Indie to Pop Music

Let's just say this music leans heavy on the vocals, just to save my ass

The only thing more difficult than writing is categorizing these damn top 2013 lists. I messed up our last 2013 favorites, the lady vocals, so I thought I would clarify this list for all of us.

A few years back this would have been called, “Indie to R&B,” in fact it was, but the latter has flipped producer-side and is more accurately classified under electronic for us this year.

While this is obviously intended to be centered around indie & pop music, including alternative & folk, genres are hard to pin down, especially to one or even two nowadays. So to give this list a more accurate, less appealing title, the music here is centered around a vocal-bases.

Like rock before it, indie & pop have become rock’s sliding scale contemporaries, putting the singer smack out in front. Which compared to electronic goes back to a composer or producer-bases, like jazz and classical before it.

And yes, there are elements of electronic, jazz & disco on this list, which is
why I had to go on this rant in the first place.

Max Frost · White Lies
Charles Bordeaux · Blackhole Girl
Big Data · Dangerous
Sun Rai · San Francisco Street
The Space Captain · Easier
HAERTS · All The Days
MT. OSSA · Love Jam
SOHN · The Wheel
Thundercat · Heartbreaks + Setbacks
Silver Swans · Mother of Pearl
TinyTiny · Take the Time

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