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Thundercat ·· Apocalypse

A sentimental kind of soul

Thundercat - ApocalypseThundercat - Apocalypse 2

From the first two tracks I’ve listened to of Thundercat’s, thanks to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, it’s plain to see he brings a vocal sentiment to his funky bass guitar jams. I haven’t heard the rest of Thundercat’s Apocalypse album yet, but I hope it keeps up the consistency that I heard on “Heartbreaks + Setbacks” & ‘Oh Sheit It’s X.’ Still in much demand for soulful vocals like Stephen “Thundercat” Brunner’s.

Apocalypse is set to release June 4. In the meantime, check out Thundercat’s catalogue.

“I just wanna party. You should be here with me.”

Name: Stephen “Thundercat” Brunner
Label: Brainfeeder
Thundercat on: Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook