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MT. OSSA · Love Jam

Can't wait to see how they play out.

Gentlemen like MT. OSSA are the musicians to wonder about it. Each month I come across an artist or two that I’m eager to see how their music career plays out.

I recently read The Weeknd’s first interview and saw his Complex cover. Abel is one of three or so artists that I’ve ever reached out to for an interview – mind you, he wasn’t so big back then and at the time was a friend on Facebook (my only claim to fame). I may not have got the interview back then, but it’s inspiring to see an artist grow from nothing to someone so influential. Hopefully, it’s just begun for Abel.

I don’t know if MT. OSSA will rise to the status The Weeknd has, but ‘Love Jam’ is my jam right now. This psychedelic indie whatever you wanna call it puts such vivid images in my mind every time I hear it. But as similar as they feel every time, they’re ultimately always changing. Wonder what it’ll look like in 10 years.

Side note:
The tune isn’t perfect however – whether it’s my ear or this beat, there are parts that need tuning & sprucing up, especially towards the end. Reminds me of two separate tracks played at once. … Shit, I hate ending on such a bad note. But they did ;)

Location: Southern California
Members: Richard Theisen, Johnny Wilson, Tony Tancredi, Jordan Sabolick, Adam Sabolick
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