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Feeling Sunday at Festival La Onda

with breathtaking ballads by Mon Laferte

Festival La Onda was BottleRock’s first run at a second weekend that was all latin music, new & old. Not dissimilar from Coachella’s third weekend, Stagecoach. And reminds me a lot of Lost in Riddim too. Each of these California festivals bring together the top performing musicians from a culture around the world, whether in country, afrobeats or latin music.

The first day of La Onda with my friends on Saturday was a good time, but my solo trip Sunday introduced me to 3 musicians I’ll be feeling through music for the rest of my life, particularly Mon Laferte. I went into her show with casual expectations. I liked one of her songs. It was near the top of my “Songs to see at Festival La Onda“, and was approved by my partner. I had no idea how impactful she would be live and in catalog.

My jaw still drops thinking about the feeling I’ll remember from hearing her for the first time live. It was like I was listening to music I’ve heard for years. Song after song, hit after hit. Ballads better at storytelling than most movies. And I don’t speak Spanish.

I’ve binged her 8 studio albums and the many live iterations on Spotify for the past 72 hours when I’ve been awake. It’s a lot of music. I’ve only narrowed it to just under a hundred, but a few more months and I’ll distill it down with much more discernment. Follow my progress in the Spotify playlist below.

She’s made me want to write. I never like to write. It’s been especially hard to write, let alone think, about anything other than war. But she made me feel something deep at La Onda and with so much more of her entire catalog. Something words can never and music can only do.

Yahritza Y Su Esencia & Eslabon Armado

I mentioned above that I discovered 3 musicians at La Onda that I’ll be listening to for the rest of my life, but only named 1. Yahritza Y Su Esencia was the #1 reason I went to La Onda and Eslabon Armado was #2. Let’s see where they’re at after they’ve released the amount of music worth keeping as Mon Laferte. Still stellar shows.

Yahritza Y Su Esencia at Festival La Onda
Eslabon Armado at Festival La Onda