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The Space Captain · Easier (feat. Maralisa)

with trumpets so smooth I thought it was sax

I can feel jazz creepin up on the electro scene this coming year. I thought it was going to be rap, but a lot more jazz brass has been popping up. And if I have to wait any longer for hip hop’s revival, I don’t mind so much if it’s with jazz.

Space Captain’s ‘Easier’ features vocals by Maralisa and I don’t know who compliments whom better. Space Captain puts on a fine jazzy beat, but these vocals really capture the feeling. I guess what will tell is who can reinterpret their own sound and make it something more beautiful next time. Could happen together again, but it’s much harder the second time.

And props to Linton Smith, trumpeters never get enough love.

The Space Captain
Location: Brooklyn, New York
The Space Captain on: SoundCloud | Bandcamp

“Space Captain is a hip-hop/soul collective based in Brooklyn New York.”

Name: Maralisa Simmons-Cook
Styles: Jazz, Soul, Alternative
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Maralisa on: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Twitter | YouTube