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Jay-Z Mashups · Part 2: Rockin’ out with RHCP

& gettin' dirty with The Prodigy. This is the future of Jay-Z (or should be).

Wrappin’ up this list of the best Jay-Z Mashups – & a few remixes – we move on to Jay-Z in a modern rock, electronic styling. What I really wanted to get out of these was to show Jay-Z in a different light // in a different genre. And that’s exactly what you’ll find. Would love to hear him do an electronic or jazz-based album (in muh dreams), but until then I’ll rely on these mashups.

On to the Mashups »

[audio:Even-Dirt.mp3|titles=Even Dirt Off Your Shoulder After All (KMT Mix)]

Pretty Lights Remixes Denver’s “Country Roads”

Another standard Pretty Lights Remix for '11 a.k.a. fuckin' SHINES!

The next in line for PL’s 2011 remixes goes to a ‘country dub hop’ remix of John Denver’s “Country Road”. With hard hitting wobbles and glitch hop galore, it’s just another standard PL remix… fortunately that standard is faarrr beyond the rest.

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[audio:Country-Roads.mp3|titles=Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)]

Pretty Lights vs Summertime

Just in time for the summertime!

Aight, so there’s eight summertime songs mashed in this next of PL 2011 Remixes, “Pretty Lights vs Summertime”. I’ll throw one out and y’all give me the rest! That’s right, a lil’ participation from you SOB’s ;)

1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – Summertime

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[audio:Pretty-Lights-Summertime.mp3|titles=Pretty Lights vs Summertime]

Pretty Lights 2011 Remix

Mashes up Radiohead x Nirvana x NIN with a whole lotta PL flavor

We’re finally into PL 2011 with a downtempo remix/mashup that takes on Pretty Lights’ signature sounds and remixes three classic alternative rock tracks in – Radiohead’s “Everything in its Right Place”, Nirvana’s “All Apologies” & NIN’s “Closer”. It may not be as bang worthy as some of his others, but it’s nice to see a more relaxed, chilled out vibe coming in. As much as he can pop it off, PL has some real mind numbing downtempo work, including probably my most favorite of his, “Solamente“.

Hit us up with some artists you’d like to see Pretty Lights remix for 2011.
I really wanna see a good Hendrix remix.

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[audio:Pretty-Lights-2011-Remix.mp3|titles=Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN]

Pretty Lights Reconfigures Tron Legacy Track

As well as a few other powerhouse cuts

Daft Punk’s already electro-happy Tron Legacy soundtrack is being remixed by some of the top players in today’s electronic scene. With the likes of The Glitch Mob, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, The Crystal Method and, of course, Pretty Lights, this should put a new spark to this Legacy.

I was a little disappointed in some of the more popular cuts, but Pretty Lights, Oakenfold and Teddybears stood out even above their originals. I may be featuring Pretty Lights on this ’cause I gotta super-big crush on him – and he does his portion well (when does he not) – but Oakenfold & Teddybears suprised me with rich vibes & a powerhouse bass that may even top PL… well, at least competes with it.

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[audio:Solar-Sailor.mp3,CLU.mp3|titles=Solar Sailor (Pretty Lights Remix),C.L.U. (Paul Oakenfold Remix)]

Pretty Lights Unreleased 2010 Remixes

- - - - - - - - Let Your Light Shine Down - - - - - - - -

Last week Pretty Lights Music announced the creation of their new label’s website, featuring Paper Diamond, Break Science & Michal Menert as the label’s first signed acts. As if that’s not enough, now PL music is releasing seven never before released remixes, appropriately named Pretty Lights Unreleased 2010 Remixes.

The seven set of songs consist of a range of genres, but where the set shines is in the classic rock remixes. Pink Floyd’s “Time” & Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle” get straight electrofied to a new millennium vibe. The rest is still an amazing set to rage to – with Derek Vincent Smith, ya can never really go wrong.

If you’d like to grab all seven songs fo free, head over to the Pretty Lights’ download section on their […]

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[audio:Time-Remix.mp3,All-Of-The-Lights-Remix.mp3,Fly-Like-An-Eagle-Remix.mp3,Finally-Moving-Remix.mp3,Empire-State-Of-Mind-Remix.mp3|titles=Time (Remix),All of the Lights (Remix),Fly Like an Eagle (Remix),Finally Moving (Remix),Empire State of Mind (Remix)]

Top Ten Albums of 2010

A whole new appreciation for this year's best

Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr Rager #1 Album of 2010
Black Sands #2 Album of 2010
Broken Bells #3 Album of 2010
Plastic Beach #4 Album of 2010
My Dark Twisted Fantasy #5 Album of 2010
The Lady Killer #6 Album of 2010
Safe in the Steep Cliffs #7 Album of 2010
The Preview by Chiddy Bang #8 Album of 2010
Glowing in the Darkest Night #9 Album of 2010
Relayted #10 Album of 2010

An Unofficial Collection of Pretty Lights Pop Remixes

Electro City may not be official, but it still has PL written all over it

Before we lay Electro City to rest, we still have the final track to bring in the New Year! With one of the best flows to ever hit the remix community, Timbaland tears it up with on this Pretty Lights track.

In this remix-mashup, PL samples Timbaland’s “Give It to Me” & Animotion’s pop hit, “Obsession”. I actually noticed that an instrumental in Animotion’s “Obsession” was sampled in Nine Inch Nails “Closer”, that instrumental always defined “Closer” for me. Anyone else ever notice that Just a little something I found interesting in my research into these 5 set of songs.

One thing I’ve also been wondering is why PL never released […]

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[audio:|titles=Piano Man (feat. Timbaland & Animotion)]

Electro City, Not As Official As We Would’ve Liked..

Least we got a little Luda to brighten the light.

Late last night I was contacted by an employee of Pretty Lights Music informing me that Electro City was, in fact, never an official album (released or otherwise).

When I first started researching this EP, I had a feeling it may not have actually been compiled by PL, but I did know this – these tracks were produced by him. So I thought I’d get ’em out there hoping to stir up a conversation and, in the least, let as many people know about these amazing set of songs as possible – not giving much thought on whether Pretty Lights or just some random fool compiled them. In the end, these tracks were too damn good to not […]

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[audio:Toxic.mp3|titles=Toxic (feat. Ludacris & Yael Naim)]

Pretty Lights Remixes Prince

Let's do The Walk

As we continue our countdown to New Years with Pretty Lights’ unreleased EP, Electro City, I decided to skip the third track, not because it isn’t good, but because it’s so damn good that I’m saving it for last. So, on to track #4…

When I first started listening to Pretty Lights’ “Everybody Walk”, my first reaction was “no fucking way! PL just remixed some Prince” – I always thought they would make a sick combo. Prince’s original, “The Walk”, features a group known as The Time and as fresh of a remix as it is, this shit gets hardcore 80’s (or early 90’s) in the end – ya gotta hear it to believe it (@ ~4:40). It’ good for a laugh, though, and makes the song that much better to do “The Walk” to.

Have fun with this and get ready for two even greater tracks to do “The Walk” to.. or, well, to dance to on New Years Eve!

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[audio:|titles=Everybody Walk (feat. Prince & The Time)]