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The Gangbang · Close Enough feat. Wale

Childish Gambino // Adele // Chief Stockton

Adele & Gambino would make for one of the most unlikely combos, but damn would it be some fresh.ass.shit. But until that never happens, we get a little collaboration project which takes the two, plus Chief Stockton rhymes, and is produced into one reflective, easy swaying piece. Can’t wait to hear what comes next with this Gangbang of a project – no doubt an interesting concept.

* Most of you probably haven’t heard of Chief Stockton before, I hadn’t, but even though The Gangbang put him in with two powerhouses, he seems to hold his own.

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SoundKlout 27 : Childish Gambino

May not appreciate his rap style enough, but damn can this dude sing.

I’ve criticized Glover for his white boy rap style before, but to be fair I’ve really warmed up to it compared to the others. I still may not appreciate his style enough, but those lyrics and fiiine ass beats makes him more than SoundKlout worthy.

What shocked me the most when looking over his SoundCloud tracks was something I don’t usually cover all too much with Gambino, the production. I would’ve loved to feature some of his earlier tracks, but the production, in all honesty, was awful. He really has done a 180 in his more recent work.

Check out these Childish rhymes by Gambino + his singing ever more!

Gambino Goodness »

Childish Gambino · Bonfire

Here for the rap, stayin for duh beat.

The first single off his upcoming album, Camp, “Bonfire” is the usual wordplay from Gambino, lyrics that are actually interesting to follow. But what shines are those glorious bass-driven beats. Glorious. Still don’t know about his flow though, but better than that Mac Miller

Look out for Camp to release early this November.

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J. Cole · Who Dat Part 2 (ft. SD & Childish Gambino)

"I shit green like vegetarian's assholes"

Not gonna lie, I’m not too familiar with J. Cole’s work. I saw this posted on Gambino’s SoundCloud and liked the beats & flows. The lyrics are that standard metaphorical, pun-intended rap, but pretty damn witty, nonetheless – I mean, we got Gambino here after all.

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[audio:Who-Dat.mp3|titles=Who Dat Pt. 2 (feat. SD & Childish Gambino)]

SoundKlout 5 : D.veloped

I'm so happy he's so highly evolved developed

Going through D.veloped’s first few songs, I was amazed to find the mashups he had whipped up. Usually I’m not into mashups with a lot of tracks, super mashups, but D.veloped’s cuts and slices are well beyond his years (unless he’s old). What I actually found most interesting was the progression I saw from his older tracks to his newer ones. In just over a year, D.veloped’s choice in music and flow between tracks has improved tremendously. Every time I see a new track posted up of his on SC, I know it’s gonna be better than the last.

Get Dveloped, right here »

Childish Gambino · Let Me Dope You (Knell Remix)

"Yes, I rap absurd. Got the game upset."

First thing I look for in a remix is if it’s better than the original. But I didn’t really even like Gambino’s original on this, so Knell didn’t have too much to overcome. Why I didn’t like the original wasn’t my usual reason, Gambino’s whiny rhymes (kinda adoring it right now), but more on the beat.

Well, Knell throws in some electro tripepd-out strums up against Gambino’s well played wordage for this remix. Also gotta mention the YoungBloodZ drop, nice touch Knell.

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[audio:Let-Me-Dope-You.mp3|titles=Let Me Dope You (Knell Remix)]

Childish Gambino EP

"You get sloppy drunk, I stay whiskey neat."

I’m still weary about this Childish Gambino, he’s got such pristine raps and a pretty damn decent set of vocals, but his style needs some getting use to.

His latest release, the Childish Gambino EP, however, is habituating me to this fine rapper’s sound. With heartfelt raps and clean, high-pitched vocals, this man’s musical range is only second to his comedic talent.

Make sure to listen in closely, it’s well worth an active ear.

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[audio:Be-Alone.mp3,Not-Going-Back.mp3|titles=Be Alone,Not Going Back]