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Sexy Beast by Abyssinian Creole

"Try 'n' find the awe."

Artwork for Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast is Abyssinian Creole’s first full length album, which premiered in late 2005. The album clearly expresses the group’s African roots in a raw and poetic way. Each song is a unique perspective of the two emcee’s history, which may or may not pertain to everyone, but can be appreciated by anyone.

Unconfined’s soothing and seductive beat is what grabbed my attention from the start. It instantly became my favorite track for three good reasons… it’s catchy, sexy and smooth.

The Elixer is the best example of the duo’s phonetical finesse. The beat is simple, while the vocals are inspiring and deeply intertwined. This song takes a while to fully grasp, but once you do, it becomes a lyrical favorite.

The Beautiful speaks for men everywhere. We have always been looking for the right words to profess our love. But, unfortunately, not all of us have the ability to express ourselves the way in which Teodros & Khingz do. This is a beautiful song, about the most beautiful thing on earth…

Crushes Heaven: Continuing from the last song, The Beautiful, Teodros & Khingz weave a tale about the trials and tribulations of an adolescent boy seeking the affection of a young girl (girls); which gave me a deep recollection of my first crush in primary school. It’s not very often that a song can display such imagery and nostalgia, and that is why I appreciate it so much.

This album is the definition of soul music. And is definitely worth checking out if you love R&B. Though, I didn’t feature all the songs from the album, each one carries a distinct flavor that is a pleasure to listen to. So check ’em all out if you like their style.

I haven’t heard of any plans of another album from the group, but I know that each of the members are in solo projects of their own. Definitely check out Gabriel Teodros’s album, Lovework, if you enjoyed Sexy Beast.

Some other songs i’ll put up for y’all to check out are Abyssinian Creole and Sexy Rhythm.

[audio:Unconfined.mp3,Elixer.mp3,TheBeautiful.mp3,CrushesHeaven.mp3,AbyssinianCreole.mp3,SexyRhythm.mp3|titles=Unconfined,Elixer,The Beautiful,Crushes Heaven,Abyssinian Creole,Sexy Rhythm]
(Listen to a sample of all the featured tracks)

Artist Information:
Genre: Hip-Hop, Soul
Location: Seattle, Washington
Group Members:
Gabriel Teodros: Emcee
Khingz (Khalil Crisis): Emcee
KiTone: Producer
Similar Artists: Blue Scholars | Macklemore
Links: MySpace | Wikipedia | | iLike

Album Information:
Release Date: November 30, 2005
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon Mp3 | iTunes