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Journey to the Planet of Birds by DJ Frane (Album)

or Beats to Blaze to Volume 3

or Beats to Blaze to Volume 3

With the release of his final installment in the “beats to blaze to” trilogy, Frane once again creates a beautiful masterpiece. Each track is a well-crafted composition that should definitely be blazed to…

Gravitational Communications: The journey begins with a downtempo intro, but starts to shine with the second track, Gravitational Communications. The guitar rift is absolutely phenomenal! This, along with Visions of U, are the stand out tracks in the album.

Nectar for Isis begins as a laid back, chill song with some trippy vocals. Around three minutes into the song the tone takes a complete turn into a dark and ominous feel with a bass that hits the spot.

Cloudy Voyage starts out as a walk in the clouds with a downtempo, dazed-out feel, but like Nectar for Isis, has an unexpected turn three minutes into it as a funkified beat with a subtle Indian touch.

I enjoy Space Convoy especially for its upbeat nature. It’s the start to a series of upbeat songs; moving away from the downtempo, trip-hop feel, covered in the rest of the album. Around two minutes into it, the vibe becomes even more carefree, sounding like it was pulled straight from the 70’s.

Visions of U is my absolute favorite song in the album! Not only do the instrumentals flow harmoniously with the vocals, but the lyrics are simple, yet inspiring. Hats off to Frane for making a song that not only I enjoy, but my father as well… and he hasn’t liked anything since The Beatles’ era.

The rest of the album can be summed up as a mix of hundreds of rich and trippy samples originating from various genres and eras. Some other favorites of mine include: If I Had Wings, Birdwatchers and Round and Around.

Also worth mentioning, this album was one of the main reasons for creating this site… that’s how much I love it. :)
Definitely check this one out!

Artist Information:
Genre: Electronica, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Downtempo
Location: Santa Monica, California
Label: Beats To Blaze To
Additional Albums: Frane’s Fantastic Boat Ride | Electric Garden of Delights
Similar Artists: DJ Shadow | TM Juke
Links: Myspace | Facebook | Twitter | | iLike | AllMusic

Album Information:
Relase Date: April 22, 2008
Notes: Last installment of “beats to blaze to” trilogy. :(
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon Mp3 | iTunes