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Janet Jackson Remixes Are The New Janet Jackson

Putting a disco-soul spin on Janet's pop classics

I may have been more of a Michael fan back in the day, but Janet is the one making a comeback in this untraditional style, via the remix. She’s got a handful of my favorite disco, soul & funk producers remixing her right and I’ve been waiting far too long to present it to you. Now some of them have been so chopped & fucked with that it doesn’t even sound like Janet anymore, but I assure you it’s all in good taste. Guarantee you’ll find some gem to obsess over for sometime.
So have fun with this mix and make sure to share it with your friends
if you do.

There’s nothing more suitable for Janet’s voice than new aged disco and nobody does disco better today than Moon Boots. This is also the first Janet Jackson remix to get this whole thing started and still one of my favorite.

This sure doesn’t sound like Janet’s voice ’cause damn did Definition skew them well. This chipmunk style soul may take some getting use to, but once you do this Janet remix puts you on another level. Practically my favorite soul track of 2012.

A decent start, but once the full fling kicks in this Janet Jackson remix gets all wrapped up in your head. Especially that drop with Janet’s voice, too perfect for the club.

With the combo of Poka & Etal, we get a JJ remix with one iconic saying. I couldn’t quite tell it was Janet at first, as I’m sure you won’t, but once again we find a dance floor killer for this century’s twenty-somethings.

Janet Jackson · Go Deep (Shoe Scene Symphony, M.See Remix)

I think this is the mix that Janet would enjoy most. First off, it doesn’t mess around with her voice, which I’m sure she appreciates (who knows). Second, the beat is a bit tamer than the rest, with a fun-loving summertime groove.

WMNSTUDIES were kind enough to contribute to our JJ remixes collection and they couldn’t have done it more beautifully. More of a Caribbean style for our ears, goes well with JJ.

Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson · What Its Gonna Be? (Kaytranada Edition)

Kaytranada has three Janet Jackson remixes and counting, but his pop & fresh joint of Janet’s ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ is bar far his best. Gotta love that bounce to this beat.

How to Dress Well · Again (Janet Jackson Cover)

Thought we’d throw in a nice little cover from How to Dress Well to close this mix out of Janet Jackson remixed. And what a cover it is, putting in a gentle like Jackson voice in to this tribute – didn’t realize his similarities to the family ’til now.