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Gorillaz Split Up… and Now Back Together!

Hopefully, just for holiday.

As far as what reports are saying, Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett, creators of Gorillaz, were bickering about each other’s dedication to the band and decided to split ways. Whatever the reasons may be, Gorillaz are on an extened vacation for now (euphemisms always help ease the sting). As saddened as I was when heard the news, I’ve tried to remember all that they’ve given us over this last decade.

Not only have the two created three groundbreaking albums, along with a few side projects, most importantly they ushered in a new genre/sub-genre/style (whatever you wanna call it). They’re what introduced me to the rock I listen to today. And as their paths have been “Broken” for now, they always have the future to quit being so damn foolish and again make some beautiful ass shit.

To honor my favorite cartoon band, here are a few tracks that have been with me over the years and will stick with me into ∞. Make sure to hit me up with your Gorillaz favorites in the comments below.

UPDATE: according to a Gorillaz tweet: “Despite rumours to the contrary, Gorillaz are alive and well and misbehaving in London W10” – @gorillazband
(fucking drama)


Gorillaz debut self-titled album, may have ended up not being my favorite album out of the bunch, but it does have one of the most memorable songs. “Clint Eastwood” may be a favorite to many people, but it has even more special meaning to me – it was my first introduction to Del. The band dropped a few notches after letting one of the finest MC’s go.

[audio:Clint-Eastwood.mp3,19-2000-(Remix).mp3|titles=Clint Eastwood,19-2000 (Remix)]
Download: Clint Eastwood | 19-2000 (Remix)

Demon Days
Gotta give this my favorite album of Gorillaz. One of the many tracks that defines my college years. In fact, I made a video about it. Makes my friends and I look like complete dumbasses, which we were.

(I’ll throw up the video soon)

[audio:Kids-With-Guns.mp3,Demon-Days.mp3|titles=Kids with Guns,Demon Days]
Download: Kids with Guns | Demon Days

Plastic Beach
A handful of solid tracks/a handful of not-so solid tracks.
“Broken” really defines this post.

[audio:Broken.mp3,On-Melancholy-Hill.mp3|titles=Broken,On Melancholy Hill]
Download: Broken | On Melancholy Hill