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2012’s Best Electro (Remixes)

These may just be our sexiest yet

The EDM scene seems to have missed our radar this year, but we did manage to bundle up a bunch of electro remixes anyway. And there are a few gems in there that you’ll definitely need to listen to – contrary to my lack of effort in electronic, it will be a big part in the future of music.

Make sure to standby for more of our top music of 2012
it only gets much better from here on out.

Like the rest of this list, Coyote Kisses may be best associated with EDM’s care-free, collegesque belligerence, but when the melody is good I just can’t help myself. CK may not have dropped this year quite near what they did last, but the quality is getting better with age. Not many could pull off a theme song as epic as this, but EDM & much more especially Coyote Kisses could do this rage remix right (I’ll try not to use “epic” or “rage” in this post again).

Dubstep & hip-hop were made to clash, but I still haven’t seen any legitimate collaborations hit big. But if we can’t get anything legit just yet, a remix will do us nice. Figure beats the shit out of Gobstopper’s original beat and raises Wiz & XV on the bass pedestal. I will warn you, this may offend many ears – it’s a symptom of getting old ;)

Vindata’s remix of ‘Yourself’ has got to be my favorite of 2012 (had to put the powerhouses before it, though). You’ve probably never heard of 14th or their ever-so-lovely singer, Tracey Duodu, but match em up with Vindata and this is an electro remix that’s very telling of (electro) music’s future.

Speaking of the future of electronic (last song), female female female vocals will be leading it and Adventure Club’s remix of ‘Wait’ is another prime example. I spout off as much as I can about how I love the mix of electro & lady vocals and although pop is catching on, it still ain’t got no soul like this.

Ellipsis may just be one of the best mashers of all time. He could quite literally mashup any artists (yes any) and I’d still love the shit out of it. In his best of 2012, Ellipsis chops & skews the Black Eyed Peas, Sara Vaughan & Maroon 5 to put on one electro-ready mashup. He never under impresses.

I was skeptic of this one at first, I mean we’re talkin about one of AoB’s best, but I’ve grown to appreciate its finer points. It may not hit right the whole way through, but when it does hit you’ll know why it’s up here.

Alt-j be so swanky and Cry Wolf makes ’em all the more. I’ve recently been all over Cry Wolf and their interesting takes on a few numbers, particularly this one (along with their cover of David Banner’s ‘Play’). This one’s especially gunslinger happy though.

This has got to be the most spine tingling, hair raising song of the year (in the least). Just wait for the first drop.

The father to whatever kind of EDM I eat up most (Colorado based) didn’t do much this year (compared to past years), but he did do this. This Run DMC classic tune was my jam back when and now it’s got a very fresh update for future listening.

[audio:Its-Tricky-Remix.mp3|titles=It’s Tricky (SSX Pretty Lights Remix)]

By the way, PL got knocked down a few slots for not having (or allowing) this up on SoundCloud. And I know it’s not his fault, but this player just ain’t Pretty!
Pretty Lights Live (banner)

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