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The White Panda · Testify It (Mashup)

Rage Against The Machine // Kaskade // Skrillex

In this week’s dose of mashup from The White Panda, we get an ectrofied “Testify” mashed with Skrillex & Kaskade. I’ve heard quite a few electrofied remixes of RATM tracks and there still not getting old. I like how The White Panda put it, “this is how Rage would sound if they were to delve into this era of electronic dance music” today.

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Radiohead · Codex (deadmau5 cover)

Ya don't see enough Covers in electronic... which kinda makes sense.

When Deadmau5 isn’t going around making his original awe-inspiring shiit, he takes to creating completely unsampled versions of other legendary works. This time ’round Deadmau5 covers Radiohead’s “Codex” in an almost mind-numbing, hypnotic kind of way (I know there’s a better word to describe it, though). I have a feeling this next year is going to be a prolific one for this mau5!

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DJ Shadow · Scale It Back (Party Ben Remix)

featuring those chillingly cool vocals of Little Dragon

Ever since I heard Little Dragon on the Gorillaz’ track “Empire Ants,” I’ve had a spin-tingling love obsession with lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s voice. However, in every track since, I haven’t found the instrumental backings that made her voice soar like the Gorillaz did… until now.

Finally, we get something that backs up her voice like a charm, and no doubt it would be from the master mixer Party Ben. I’ve been following PB ever since Adam Sandler gave his approval, featuring a few mashups of his on the Just Go With It soundtrack […]

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Musicmatician · Not Romantic (Mashup)

Afrojack x Deadmau5 (Special Features RMX) x Chromeo x Enrique feat. Luda

What a creative little mash. The vocals match up oh so well with that Deadmau5 backdrop (well, Special Features remix of Deadmau5) and the transitions are seamless. However, near the end it all seems to fall apart – I like the Chromeo cuts, but it feels like it gets out of sync with the beat after Luda’s bit. But other than that, I love what Musicmatician did with this, blending vocals and beats into a quite comical mashup.

“That tonight I’m fucking you.” “Not romantic, too dramatic.”

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Lily Allen · Not Fair (Oblivion Remix)

Kinky little girls make for gooood dubstep remixes

I don’t listen to much Lily Allen music, I think we all know that mainstream music isn’t my thang, but hearing her on Oblivion’s dubstep remix of “Not Fair,” all I can think of is damn what a kinky little bitch. And there’s nothing better for a heavy dubstep remix than one kinky little bitch.

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Lana Del Rey · Video Games (Balam Acab Remix)

Lana's back up, Up, UP in the Atmosphere.

We’ve got another Lana Del Rey remix, this time Balam Acab takes her “Video Games” and blends in one atmospheric beaut. With a mild bass buzzer below and pretty synths from above, Acab captures Lana’s gentle & vulnerable vocals just right. The synths get a bit overwhelming at times, but in a way I kind of like (kind of).

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Childish Gambino · Outside

A fresh request to put the reclusive geek on hold for a few minutes.

I’ve gone through Gambino’s CAMP one time through and I was pretty damn shocked with it, to say the least. Let’s just say I’ll be doing a top albums of the year all thanks to the Mr. Glover, aka Childish Gambino, aka Dong Lover. But until the full album’s release next Tuesday, I’m gonna hold off on my full thoughts on the album.

Until then, here’s the first single off the album, rightfully titled “Outside.” With its inspiring tune and a touche type message, Gambino gets all of us reclusive types to once again realize maybe we should get the fuck out of the house once in a while. Wish this was a Spring album, so I could actually take the advice, though some sledding might do me in nice.

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DeeJay BeeKay · Stairway to Forever 2.0

Drake x Kanye x Weezy x Eminem x Gramatik x Led Zeppelin

In this rapper filled mashup, DeeJay BeeKay takes on some of the top MC’s of today and battles ’em against Gramatik’s reinterpretation of “Stairway to Heaven.” The MC’s flow in and out with well layered transitions, though some of the vocal cuts need work. Still, a surprisingly well flowing mashup considering such high expectations with anything Zeppelin.

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Drake ft. The Weeknd · Crew Love

OVOXO collab for Drake's new album, Take Care

Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care, releases on November 15, but here’s a sneak peak from Flow 93.5. Unfortunately, this radio rip of “Crew Love” has those annoying ass watermarks all over it. Once I find a version without ’em, I’ll throw that up, but take a listen to this for now.

*Update: got a legit copy up now. Lovin The Weeknd viiibes. Actually like Drake in it too – usually I have to rely on remixes of Drake to appreciate his flow.

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[audio:Crew-Love.mp3|titles=Crew Love (Take Care)]

Lana Del Rey · Video Games (R.Y. Edit)

Well matched sounds for Lana's harmonic vocals

Downtempo tracks always seem to have long, drawn-out intros. Unlike the rager-type music, the meat of the music (the vocals) isn’t expressed all that much but periodically throughout the track. I guess I’m more a fan of the “radio edits,” which cut out the fat and get to the good stuff.

In Re. You’s edit of “Video Games,” Lana appears only a couple of times for a short period. The beat, however, is well supported without her and when she does appear, it only makes it the more grand. I still may not appreciate these long edits that downtempo seems to rely on, but ya can’t hate too much on this laid-back tempo with beautiful harp-like gestures.

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