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The White Panda · Testify It (Mashup)

Rage Against The Machine // Kaskade // Skrillex


In this week’s dose of mashup from The White Panda, we get an ectrofied “Testify” mashed with Skrillex & Kaskade. I’ve heard quite a few electrofied remixes of RATM tracks and there still not getting old. I like how The White Panda put it, “this is how Rage would sound if they were to delve into this era of electronic dance music” today.

The White Panda – Testify It (Rage Against The Machine // Kaskade // Skrillex)

The White Panda
Genre: Mashups, Electronica
Members: Procrast, DJ Griffi
Origin: Los Altos, CA
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California
Links: SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube |