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Lana Del Rey · Video Games (R.Y. Edit)

Well matched sounds for Lana's harmonic vocals

Downtempo tracks always seem to have long, drawn-out intros. Unlike the rager-type music, the meat of the music (the vocals) isn’t expressed all that much but periodically throughout the track. I guess I’m more a fan of the “radio edits,” which cut out the fat and get to the good stuff.

In Re. You’s edit of “Video Games,” Lana appears only a couple of times for a short period. The beat, however, is well supported without her and when she does appear, it only makes it the more grand. I still may not appreciate these long edits that downtempo seems to rely on, but ya can’t hate too much on this laid-back tempo with beautiful harp-like gestures.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (R.Y. Edit)

Name: Marius Maier
Location: Berlin, Germany
Re.You on: | SoundCloud | Facebook