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The Last Ever Treasure Island Music Festival

The rain couldn't hold down most the performers and crowd

The 10th and final Treasure Island Music Festival was a rainy one. I’ve been to festivals with some showers before, but the rain got many crammed in tents for hours a day, if they could find one, and a few sets were cancelled. People were pissed.

By the second day I saw a long list of people’s complaints on Treasure Island’s Facebook & Twitter. They were selling their tickets for $20 and a hug or bitching about how unprepared the festival was for the storm. The Tunnel stage could barely handle the rain and the grounds should’ve been more accommodating to the conditions. Even the fans knew the rain was coming a week before.

The festival was still something to remember. People concentrate too much on the music and the creature comforts, but forget why we’re really there. To experience something together. If the music gets delayed, all the better to find people to share some stories with.


Zhu was the man I’ve seen most, and like his music most, so I wanted to find my favorite Zhu remixes to try something different. But holy hell there were a mass amount of boring shit. More boring than shit. Try more shit, producers.

Originally I was going to put up all the best I could find, but it was mostly half decent Faded remixes. Unfortunately I had to boot a few of my favorite producers. I still love FKJ & ODESZA more than anything.

Zhu Remix tracklist

Faded (Big Gigantic Remix)
In The Morning (vs Kaskade)
Paradise Awaits (RUFUS Remix)

Working For It (OSO’s 2am Remix)
Automatic (Jackwell & Szecsei Club Edit)
West Coast (Purebeat Special After Remix)
Hold Up, Wait a Minute (Clubbers Remix)