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Mochipet’s Godzilla Bass Mashups

Too Short vs. Maguera || Wiz Khalifa vs. Gigan

Mochipet - Too ShortMochipet - Wiz Khalifa

Love when these mashers take on quality MC’s and mash ’em up with much hotter electro tunes. Mochipet is known for producing some next level bass music, but he’s also one to occasionally throw in some mashup freebies. And these freebies come in the tune of Too Short & Wiz Khalifa, which’ll sure as shit get yo heartbeat bouncin. But which one bounces best? I gotta go with Too Short.

Name: David Wang
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Location: Daly City, California
Label: Daly City Records
Mochipet on: SoundCloud | Facebook | | YouTube | Twitter