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What Pop Wants

What makes pop music? Or rather what makes music pop? Pop music has gone through many different styles throughout the century, but besides a large marketing budget, the voice is the greatest consistent factor. How many hits have you heard without them? Let me know, I’m keeping tally.

It’s hard to find voices that hit though. It’s not about their sound, but more about how they use it (+ how catchy the lyrics are) and DiRTY RADiO is developing well. I went through their whole catalogue and even though they’ve had the voice for years, it took up until recently to find how to use it. Collaborations with Young Franco, Pat Lok and more are developing their sound into something that’s not only catchy, but for many. Shit pops!

DiRTY RADiO tracklist

Drop Your Love (Prod. by Young Franco)
Your Lips (Produced by Pat Lok)
G I R L (Prod. by Favulous)

What You Wanna Do (Prod. by Jean Tonique)
Lit Up (Prod. by Jean Tonique)

Killin’ Me
Relentless (Beat by: Pomo)
As Long As You’re With Me (w/ STINT)