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Colatron · Is This Distance

Bob Marley x Datsik x Eleven8 Mashup

Bob Marley - Legalize Marijuana

Marley mixed into some melodic dubstep… how has this not been overdone? Colatron takes Datsik’s “Havoc” & Eleven8’s “Colours of Distance” and weaves Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” lyrics right into the intricate ‘steps. I do wish the quality was a bit fuller, but this mashup matched up too nice not to tell y’all about it.

Also, make sure to check out the video down below, great visuals set to the song.

Colatron – Is This Distance (Bob Marley x Datsik x Eleven8 Mashup)

Style: Mashups
Name: Andy Smart
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Colatron on: | Facebook | Vimeo | YouTube | SoundCloud