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Blunt Instrument ·· The Path (KrossBow Remixes)

get glitch heavy with Jay-Z [skip to the second track]

This two-piece, electro-remix EP bounces glitch heavy, but it’s not until the second remix, ‘Twitch,’ where KrossBow does just about everything right. ‘Twitch’ borrows vocals from Jay-Z’s ‘Public Service Announcement,’ but unlike most, chops ’em up just right. A good something for all you glitch fans.

Blunt Instrument
Styles: Glitch Hop, Breakbeat, Midtempo
Members: Luke Latimer & Rocco Mico
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Blunt Instrument on: SoundCloud | | Facebook | Twitter

Styles: Mid-Tempo Breaks, Glitch Hop, Bass
Location: London, United Kingdom
Members: Colin ‘KrossBow’ Smith &amp Jon ‘KrossBow’ Strugnell
KrossBow on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Bandcamp