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Phenom · Together Forever

I've danced to this tune too much

About a week back I was reintroduced to Phenom’s Together Forever. And within 24 hours after that I had danced to it at least over 20 times, no bs. In fact, I had listened to it so much for the remaining part of the day that the chorus was burned into my brain, it got real tiresome.

Day after I was back on the bandwagon and I’ve got more obsessed since. I’ll probably get burned out a few more times before my obsession subsides.

If you like it, do me a favor.

Dance break! If you're at work and you blast this song, I will love you forever.

Posted by Cory Zechmann on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Genre: French House, Nu-Disco
Location: London, United Kingdom
Label: Stardust Records
Phenom on: SoundCloud | Facebook