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MiMoSA ·· 58 Degrees

This shit screams electro-soul.

First thought that struck my mind when I heard TigranMimosa was “oo, more PL style goodness.” Mimosa doesn’t sound exactly like Pretty Lights, at least compared to others, but each pulls from the most obscure sounds to that electro-heavenliness and constructs something into a rich & healthy composition that defines what electronica is to me. Tirgan Mimosa - 58Degress These aren’t just some stale-ass beats taken from free packs off The Pirate Bay, this shit screams soul.

In his first official album release, Mimosa serves up a five-course EP with each one of ’em bringing something to the table. Gotta say that my obsession right now is the gunslingin’ “UP iN THE CL0UDS” – somehow I’ve got this instrumental stuck in my head, and I’m still trying to figure out how you get an instrumental stuck in your head… But as much as this may be my most played out track, it’s far from my favorite. I’m really feelin’ “FL0URESCENCE”, right now, but it’s still up for grabs, so check out all of these deatho-destructo bangers and choose for yourself.

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Styles: Crunk-Step, Dub-Hop, Breakbeat, IDM, Trip Hop
Locations: San Francisco/Los Angeles
Labels: FALSE iDOL Music / Muti Music
TigranMiMoSA on: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp | MySpace