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The Fourth Annual Soundset (2011)

My love for the crowd and my criticism towards emcees

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Like all festivals, events and any large gathering, the most interesting thing to watch at Soundset 2011 were the people. Ranging from the majority, punk-ass teenagers, to the older crowd with kids, Soundset grew to over 20,000 people this year.

Soundset 2011 - Break Dancing

I don’t know how many of you like to crowd watch as much as I do, but as someone trying to cover the event, most of my time was spent gazing at the mess of fans feelin the vibes off the performers: a majority of acts that many had not heard before and the headliners that brought us all together. As impressive as the headliners were this year, especially De La Soul, I wanna point something out about a few of the other acts.

From Rhymesayers artists, Grieves and Blueprint, to West Coast favorites, Zion I and Macklemore, the lawn was littered with hip-hop talent this year – putting on clean acts that even the not-so hip-hop heads could vibe out to. On the other hand, we had hip-hop performers who, although are well respected throughout the underground community, don’t appeal as much to the main crowd for what troubles me most about emcees today, a lack of style & flow.

As my photographer put it, a lot of the MC’s sounded “the same.” And as many underground fans might disagree – generally, people outside of hip-hop tend to feel the same way. I’m not saying they know more about hip-hop than the actual fans, but many MC’s focus far too much on wordplay & meaning and not enough on how their rap actual sounds. It’s just as much music as it is poetry.

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