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Starfucker · While I’m Alive (Wet Paint Remix)

Of course a remix gets me back into STRFKR

Starfucker (STRFKR) was one of my first obsessions on the blog just four years back (happy birthday to us!), but of course it took a fairly experimental remix to wet our appetite again. We actually fell off this Wet Paint remix for a while, it was posted 3 months back, but Starfucker’s video for ‘While I’m Alive’ creeped into our life and got us obsessed it once again.

This ‘While I’m Alive’ remix may take its sorry ass time to kick in the vocals, but once the whole thing gets going it reminds me of why I was obsessed with Starfucker in the first place. Such distinct and memorable vocals.

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[soundcloud url="" iframe="false" params="player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=292929" height="18" /]

Starfucker’s Sexton Blake Plays the Hits

featuring a cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Hungry Heart'

Starfucker brings back Josh Hodges’ tribute to the hits, Sexton Blake Plays the Hits, from 2007. It’s very Starfucker demo like – Starfucker without most of the electro frills – which was refreshing at times while seeming to lack at others.

Hodges starts it off right, though, with a cover of Bruce Springteen’s ‘Hungry Heart.’ Of all the songs, I never would’ve thought he could pull off The Boss’s, but somehow he does with that light-hearted, raspy ‘lectro guitar that bleeds well with his voice.

The rest of the tracks, while pleasantly sedating, don’t make the cut worth keeping. Still worth a go around, especially if you’re a fan of this gut punched, electro seducing indie moosic.

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[soundcloud url="" params="player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=292929" height="18"]

SoundKlout 10 : Starfucker

Bangin' the shit out of your favorite celestial body

You know it’s sad I haven’t done that many posts on Starfucker – They’ve only gotten so much better over time. Their experimental style is hard to rap your head around, but once you get a hold on it, the shit is intoxicating. Sincerely a top group, not only on SoundCloud, but fo realz too.

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[soundcloud url="" params="player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=292929" height="18"]

Hungry Ghost by Starfucker (+music video)

with Watts in the House!

Caught this video in a Starfucker post and damn does it make “Hungry Ghost” that much better. Props to Flooded Films for this one.

I’ve been listening to Starfucker’s upcoming album, Reptilians, for a few weeks now. There are a grip of tracks that are quite becoming, but like all Starfucker music, it takes some time to get use to. As progressive or experimental as you’d call it, their music has a kind of habituation curve. But once you get familiar with the new sound, you realize the ingenuity in their instrumentals and the beauty in their entangled vocals. There’s no doubt I’m a Starfucker fanatic and Reptilians is slowly becoming another addiction.

Lookout for a slightly more thoughtful look on Reptilians sometime soon.

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[audio:Hungry-Ghost.mp3|titles=Hungry Ghost]

Smell It (Starfucker Remix) by Copy

One chill-ass tune.

While on my daily Facebook stocking rounds, I came across a Starfucker’s post on Josh Hodges’s remix of “I Can Smell It”, originally by Copy.

Let’s just say there’s a big damn difference between the two. I was originally going to post Copy’s version along with the remix, but it really wasn’t worth it. Props to Copy for the original, but it’s got nothing on Josh’s remix.

I find with a lot of electronic beats, there are usually some sick samples used, but when they put it all together it falls short of a stand out track. It’s not just about taking/creating good beats, but how you […]

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[audio:Smell-It-Starfucker.mp3|titles=Smell It (Starfucker Remix)]

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Starfucker by Starfucker

I just love sayin' their name, Starfucker!

The only reason I listened to these guys, initially, was their name – Starfucker. I thought it was the coolest band name I’d heard in a while, but I also thought it was meant as a metaphor for “fucking” a star (like the ones in the sky), not the more obvious fucking a star (like the ones in the movies). I’ll admit, I wasn’t as impressed, but the name still rolls off the tongue nicely – or maybe that’s just my fascination with the word, fuck.

Aside from Starfucker’s name, their first album, also called Starfucker, was a pleasant surprise – I’m not that into indie rock, yet, but I really enjoyed a few songs off this. The album had a nice blend of electronic instrumentals with an indie rock vibe. It resembled Broken Bells, which whom I’ve really gotten into lately.

The top songs I picked, if you’re not playing them already, are “Florida”, “Gregory Erickson the Second” & “German Love”. I read on a forum that “German Love” is a true story about a guy from Germany who made sex tapes with his girlfriend but didn’t exactly tell her about making the tapes. Well, he put up a site with the videos (also called a porn site) and it blew up in popularity. She found out and dumped his ass, and so the rest of the story goes. Who knows if it’s true, but it’s a good story to tie along with the song.

Let me know what your favorite song is out of these three.. or any other Starfucker song, if you’re into ’em…

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[audio:German-Love.mp3,Rawnald-Gregory.mp3,Florida.mp3|titles=German Love,Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second,Florida]

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