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SoundCloud Educators & Storytellers 2

'cause we're all about audio, not just music

Since the first edition of our favorite SoundCloud Educators & Storytellers, we’ve grown to love such shows as Blank on Blank, StoryCorps & The Story Colliders even more than before. And better yet, we’ve found plenty more to talk about.

Our list of favorite podcasts range from lost interviews of famous peoples to the most up to date panels in music tech. Not every show will be for everyone, but I guarantee you’ll find one you’ll be listening to for life. I’m sure I’ll be listening to at least a handful of these until they broadcast no more.

As always, if you have any suggestions for shows please throw ’em up in the comments below.
We love our educators & storytellers as much as our musicians.
Stories & Standup

Like Blank on Blank, The Smith Tapes take old audio interviews of entertainment legends from the past and gets it out to all of our internet ears.

In one of my favorite “lost” recordings, Howard Smith tells his account of Woodstock. It’s something all Americans should listen to simply because it was such an important turn in our history’s culture. And it’s so interesting to hear.

I first thought the ‘Jack and Ellen’ story was a HereBeMonsters tale because of the strange nature of the story, but after some digging around I found it was the Love + Radio podcast. They haven’t put out anything since, but this twisted story fascinated me so much that I had to include it.

A strong warning for the conservative ears, this is pretty messed up (which is what makes it so fascinating).

I’m sure Comedy Central has an assortment of good standup and the key to their success on SoundCloud is filtering out the funniest. Thankfully they’ve done just that featuring some hilarious, well told stories.

Stories centered around the fringe of our culture, often considered taboo, are covered on HereBeMonsters. Like the ‘Jack and Ellen’ story from above, you’ll only hear the most fascinating, uncensored stories around. Just to reiterate, not for those easily offended.

Education & Technology

Politics are boring. Mostly because it’s covered by an older crowd that doesn’t seem to understand the “get to the good shit” mentality of us younger generation.

Fortunately, we know of one woman who cuts to the damn chase and gives it to us straight. Her name is Andrea Seabrook and her show is Decode DC. She’s interesting, honest and to the point.

I wonder if there are more political podcasts with a similar format as hers? I’m sure somewhere…

Hosted by Andrea Leonelli, Digital Music Trends is my go to place for what’s happening in music tech. He’s got the quality of any of the other music reporters, but where Leonelli shines is in his quantity & scope.

The Upward Spiral Cast is another music tech podcast and what makes it shine are the two hosts, Dan & Joe. The two know their way around music, but the banter between them is what makes it so entertaining.

SF MusicTech is a personal favorite of mine because I’ve attended a few of their summits live. As much as I’ve learned from podcasts and all other things recorded audio, you can’t replace being there in person, connecting with people in realz life.

I do wish, however, there was more of a presence on SoundCloud in between conferences. With the connections I know Brian Zisk has, I gotta imagine he could push out a lot more premiere content in music tech.

If you enjoyed this list, please make sure to share it with your friends.