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omgkirby x Channel Tres #2081

I got me my first NFT

omgkirby x Channel Tres #2081

Omgkirby created a collection of 5,550 generative songs, each sold as an NFT. Each song has one sample from five different categories/properties, including 33 vocals, 34 lead, 33 FX, 32 drums, and 33 chords. Things get more complicated from there on how each song was arranged and their rarity, but the math behind it all is less interesting fur me than finding the best sounding on the secondary market, scooping it up, and using it in every which way.

It’s an interesting task going through dozens of the 5,550. Unlike usually crate digging where the music is infinitely different, this style of generative music is almost infinitely the same, trying to discern the difference between samples used. Also, unlike typical crate digging, when you purchase the NFT, you own “complete publishing and masters rights for the song – this includes uploading it to DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.), using it for your own content (podcast intro, YouTube content, etc.) or by any other means of exploiting the track.”

In my search, I focused on vocals first and found a “S2 Autonav” that fit perfect for a podcast intro, but it got nabbed before I figured out how to purchase the damn thing. I ended up finding a “S2 Doo Op” that may not be the perfect podcast intro, but I’ve got a few other uses for it. So I bought #2081 and put it up on SoundCloud for free. If anyone wants to do anything with it, all I ask is that you let me know what you did!

The beauty in an NFT collection like this is that you have a thousand or more advocates who have bought stake in the collection and have full legal right to make anything creative out of it – almost paying to create content marketing for the project. 9dcc, one of the first phygital projects linking physical shirts via NFCs to their digital counterpart, just released the trailer for their second project. It doesn’t sound like an original beat from the collection, but it definitely has some elements, as well as their own unique spin spreading the word in their own iterative way.

#2081 Properties
Vocals: S2 Doo Op
Lead: S2 Flute
FX: S2 Lazers
Drums: S2 Block Drums
Chords: S2 Oceans