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Music that Got Me Blogging About Music (Part 1)

The Midwest - with a little East Coast & Florida mixed in

I decided to compile a list of 25 artists that I discovered (or rediscovered) in college and was the driving force to get this music blog up and running. The list is broken into five categories – Midwest/East Coast hip-hop, West Coast hip-hop, International/non hip-hop music, Bay Area hip-hop and finally my top five. I plan on posting one per week for the next five weeks (each Sunday), but you know how that goes. Make sure to stay tuned in.

For the first part I decided to go with the Midwest because that’s where I’m from. Unfortunately, my Midwest & East Coast influences are lacking on this list, probably because I went to college in Arizona, heavily influenced by the West Coast. Anyways, I think you’ll enjoy these six musicians from the heart of America – some you may know and some you’ll get to know (you better!).

If you recognize any artists from the picture above, make sure to shout it out in the comments below – I’ll be posting them soon!


Growing up in Minnesota for 18 years, it took me a move to college in AZ to really get into Atmosphere – or any good hip-hop for that matter. I remember thinking in high school that Slug sounded like he was just speaking over a beat, but it takes time to appreciate what MCing is all about, like anything newly introduced. Atmo was my first taste of the Twin Cities scene and I’ve been diving deeper ever since.

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I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Doomtree – working at the multimedia center at my university’s library. I remember thinking, these guys can flow, especially Dessa. It only took me a couple more listens to realize Dessa was actually a woman. She’s still a favorite female MC of mine, though I admittedly don’t appreciate enough.

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Mel Gibson and the Pants

When I first heard about Mel Gibson and the Pants, I thought it was some kind of joke. No way could a legitimate group name themselves that. But I thought since they were from MN I should check them out. It took me some time to get use to their sound, but after a while I realized how ingenius their blending of hip-hop, rock & whatever else is. Yea, they may not be in everyone’s taste, they’re a little out there (like their name implies), but that’s what makes ’em so damn interesting to listen to. These guys are serverely slept on.

[audio:Beat-It-Loose.mp3|titles=Beat It Loose]
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¡MAYDAY!’s first LP was one of my first posts on here ever. And as much as I listen to their new music, their debut album will always be a favorite of mine.

[audio:Mission-Statement.mp3|titles=Mission Statement]
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Jedi Mind Tricks

As much East Coast hip-hop this list is lacking, Jedi Mind’s The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness lacks only in popularity. These prophetic rappers have stirred up a hip-hop bible that’s as impressive in phonetics as it is in prophecy. It may have been stolen from scriptures of the past, but Vinnie Paz, Stoupe & Jus Allah have converted it to the hip-hop culture of the present.

[audio:Neva-Antiquated.mp3|titles=Neva Antiquated]
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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Back in middle school, some of my friends were listening to Bone Thugs – I, however, was not (I was listening to Billy Joel, ha). Took me a good decade to get into ’em, but damn do I understand now. Bone Thugs really do put the harmony in a bunch of thugs.

[audio:Teach-The-World.mp3|titles=If I Could Teach the World]
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Stay tuned for more to come!