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Flex by Doomtree

"Had enough? Well, yea... that's enough."

Artwork for False Hopes

I’ve always wondered what style of hip-hop people outside the U.S. like. I decided to show a friend of mine from Wales Doomtree’s Flex, but had a feeling it wouldn’t be his “cup of tea”. I asked him if he liked it, and he told me “it sounded like a bunch of angry white kids”. At first, I got defensive, but eventually saw his point. The song sounds like a bunch of coked-up, hyperactive guys who may not know half the shit they say, but say it well. Doomtree’s sound is simply not for everyone, but is respected by a large audience (somewhat). They’re a good example of a alternative hip-hop style, which the Mid-west is known for. Their lyrics may not be the the most profound, but they still go far beyond what mainstream does today. I am especially impressed by Dessa, the only female rapper in the group. She’s gifted in both words & rhymes, and could give any male MC a run for his money. Overall, Doomtree may not be the most lyrically gifted group, but they sure can string a set of words together to create a fine sounding song.

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Live Performance of Flex on YouTube:

Artist Information:
Genre: Hip-Hop
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
P.O.S. (Stefon Alexander): MC, Producer
Sims (Andrew Sims): MC
Dessa (Maggie Wander): MC
Mike Mictlan (Mike Marquez): MC
Cecil Otter (Jake Smith): MC, Producer
Paper Tiger: Producer
MK Larada: Producer, DJ
Lazerbeak (Aaron Mader): Producer
Turbo Nemesis: DJ, Turntablist
Label: Doomtree Records
Additional Albums: Doomtree
Similar Artists: Mayday | Mel Gibson and the Pants | Atmosphere
Links: MySpace | Facebook | YouTube | Wikipedia | Doomtree’s About | Twitter | Last.fm | iLike | AllMusic

Track Information:
Album: False Hopes
Release Date: January 1, 2007
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon Mp3 | iTunes | Doomtree Store