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SP-33’s Escape From Tha Carter

Weezy Gets Grimey with Carpenter

Escape From Tha Carter

Chopping up Lil’ Wayne’s lines from The Carter and dubbing ’em over John Carpenter’s Escape from New York score sounds pretty risky – ya gotta appease two different crowds, the hip-hop heads and fanatics of Carpenter’s cult classic. But SP-33 manages to take from the two and mash it, cut it and whip it into a completely new grimey cocktail.

My first encounter with Escape from Tha Carter was its 5th track, “A Milli(liter of Vaccine)”. The best line I’ve heard that describes my feelings for this song were, “[it] makes me want to chew oxy’s and drive a tank”, which was a comment on the track’s SoundCloud page. SP-33 also talked about it with me, mentioning that Lil’ Wayne’s vocals were heavily altered in it (as you can tell). This is still my most played track of the album, but “Asthma Hoes” is slowly creeping up.

SP-33 – A Milli(liter of Vaccine)

“Asthma Hoes” starts off with an interlude, which basically is about a man finding out his woman is recording them in bed and how he gets her back (to put it nicely). And as entertaining as it is, it gets in front of the good stuff, that is, Lil’ Wayne’s rhymes that glide over this banger oh so well.

SP-33 – Asthma Hoes

As for the other tracks on the album, I wasn’t as impressed by the rest, initially, but the ethereal grit (kind of an oxymoron) is starting to permeate. I’ll let SP-33 close this out by talking about how it all came about.

Enjoy this escape and hit up SP-33’s site for a dowload of Escape From Tha Carter.

How Escape From Tha Carter all came about:

I was really sick of normal mash-ups. You know a instrumental mixed with an acapella without altering anything. So I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted to take two tracks and make them totally unrecognizable. The way I achieved this was equing, reversing, chopping, speeding up, slowing down John Carpenter’s score; adding my own drums and percussion; then altering Weezy’s vocals. I either pitched shifted his voice (e.g. on “A Milli(liter of Vaccine)” I put heavy effects on them and on “Cooking Eggs” I chopped bits and pieces of his vocals.

My favorite example of this process is the song “Burrr”, which is the first track I made for the project. It started of with me watching “Escape From New York” and wanting to fuck with the theme of the movie. While I was constructing the beat around the theme I found myself singing Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” to the beat I was making, because I was listening to a lot of Tha Carter 3 at the time. I then put the acapella in the beat and wanted to focus on my favorite part of the original song, where Lil’ Wayne rhymes “murr” with “burr” with “burr” with “huur” with “scurrr” (I always found this comical). And it just kept building and building, I altered the main synth line from Wayne’s “Lollipop”, took a sample of Gucci Mane saying “BUUUURR” and even threw in a sample of the cheerleaders form “Bring It On” singing “BURRR (it’s cold in here)”.

Escape From Tha Carter

Genre: Electronica
Styles: SCI-FI, Hip-Hop
Name: Ezra Funkhouser
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Links: SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | SP-33.com