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F.O.O.L ·· Call To Krieg EP

Someone needs a new career path...

F.O.O.L should not be working in music. Their latest release, Call to Krieg, is a clear indication that they need to quit the music biz and get a life in scoring epic war films. This may not be your standard war music, yet, but I guarantee in future war rompers this’ll be the weapon of choice. But until this accompanies mind-boggling 3D renders, let’s talk less war and more beats.

Call to Krieg takes on an orchestral ensemble and electrofies it with a heap of bass and a bit of glitch. It’ll get your blood pumping one minute and put you on incredible highs the next… followed shorty by a car crashing buildup that feels almost like an actual nightmare.. I had.. recently (eerie). The EP may only boast three originals and two remixes, but this short ride just makes me crave for more! LP this shit!

F.O.O.L – To Arms
F.O.O.L’s call “To Arms” starts this epic EP off with a lil’ build me up. If this doesn’t motivate you to go on a rampage for war then these F.O.O.L’s didn’t do their job.
[audio:To-Arms.mp3|titles=To Arms]

F.O.O.L – Krieg
Just over two weeks ago F.O.O.L’s premiered a teaser to this EP and “Krieg” was the hooker (such a slut). Wait for about a minute in, once it drops (and you know when it will), you’ll be hooked too.

F.O.O.L – Machine Gun (Zip It Up)
Ya gotta wait a little longer for this to hit, but shit gets straight spooky two minutes in. Feels like I’m in a nightmare made just for me. No worries though, soon after things pick up and this hellish trip turns into something pretty.
[audio:Machine-Gun.mp3|titles=Machine Gun (Zip It Up)]

F.O.O.L – Krieg Remixes by Ugly Kids & Nadisko
The two remixes were a nice touch, but I would’ve liked to seen a bit more from the F.O.O.L’s. I’ve listened to there past work and this is a big step in the right direction, and, hopefully, they will continue to evolve this sound into an… LP?!
[audio:Krieg-Ugly-Kids.mp3,Krieg-Nadisko.mp3|titles=Krieg (Ugly Kids Remix),F.O.O.L – Krieg (Nadisko Remix)]

If you had to put this into any action film, what would it be?
I’m gonna go with a Duke Nukem film

Fuck Our Ordinary Lives (F.O.O.L)
Genre: Electronica
Styles: Electro, Trash, Dubstep, Nudisco, Progressive
Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden
Membrers: Rasmus Hermansen (Producer, DJ), Oliver Nilsson (DJ)
F.O.O.L on: FuckOurOrdinaryLives.com | Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter