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Deltron Event II, Where the Fuck are You?

In search of an official release date...

Banner - Future City

It’s been over ten years since the original Deltron 3030 release and we still don’t know much about Event II. I’ve gone through a many a blog posts & forum threads and still can’t come up with shit. But here are the (few) things I got..

On Deltron’s Wikipedia page, reports claimed “the album would be released [in 2008] or the next”. However, this is 2010, which you know.

As I mentioned before, Deltron has been around for just over ten years now. Going through a lot of forum threads, many believe that the album is set to release somewhere around its ten year anniversary (this year). I mean, I hope to Christ they’re right, but these aren’t the most reliable people. We have, however, come across a more reliable source, Del.

Recently, someone posted a link on here (see comment below) with a YouTube video of Del who talks a bit about Event II and features a few clips off it (check it out in the full article).

If I get any other updates, or you do, post it in the comments.

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[audio:Mastermind.mp3,Turbulence.mp3|titles=Mastermind,Turbulence (Remix)]

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Ready Let’s Roll by Bob Schneider

"Drinkin' Mai Tais and smokin' blunts with some Mexicans."

Banner - Bob Schneider

I went to see Bob Schneider live a couple years back in college. I’m not the biggest fan of his, but when I first heard Ready Let’s Roll, I was hooked. I had no idea what the song was called at the time, so I searched the net to figure it out. Well, I finally came up with it, but it just didn’t sound like it did in concert. With some more research I found the one featured here. It’s not as good as when I heard it live, but I think it still does it justice. Check out the video in the full article, it’s the closest thing I could find to what I heard that night.

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[audio:ReadyLetsRoll.mp3|titles=Ready Let’s Roll]

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Pretty Young Thing (Demo) by Michael Jackson

A small tribute to the King of Pop.

Banner - Michael Jackson as a kid

About this time last year I wanted to honor MJ’s life, but the site was in its infancy (I was probably still trying to think up a name at this point). So, I decided I would do it for the one-year anniversary of his death (or a little later).

First I wanna get serious before we get to the good stuff: Many people thought of MJ as a child molester because of the allegations in ’94 & ’05. I, however, did not. He may’ve had a completely warped view on what is socially acceptable, but it just didn’t seem in him to think on a sexual level, about anyone. Michael had a lot of shit happen to him growing up, as we all know, and as much as I sympathize for his children’s loss, I truly believe he is better off. Every time I saw him in the news, he seemed tortured by how some thought & treated him. I’m deeply sad to see him go, but he’s positively impacted so many lives with the music he created, including mine. I will be forever grateful to the King of Pop. R.I.P. MJ

I had too many songs to pick from, but I had to go with the original release of Pretty Young Thing. The reason is mainly because it isn’t that well known. Some of you may know of the more popular remake produced by Quincy Jones. But this one is, with out a doubt, the better of the two, as much as some of you may fight me on this one. The words couldn’t be more perfect. Oh, and the singing isn’t too bad either.

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[audio:PYT.mp3|titles=Pretty Young Thing (Demo)]

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