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We’re Here to Save the Day by The Constellations

featuring Asher Roth

Southern Gothic by The Constellations (album artwork)

“We’re Here to Save the Day” was the first song dropped in my soundcloud dropbox by thehappysmokers a few months back.

I was a little skeptical about the chorus at first, the kids didn’t seem to fit the mood, but after hearing Elijah Jones’s vocals & Asher Roth’s MCing, I could’ve given a fuck. Both of ’em got the flow down, even with completely different styles. Roth, however, made the song for me with some superb MCing. Kinda reminds me of Emineminem(inem) without all the bullshit coming from him these days.

It was good to see a new taste of southern music, it’s definitely not an area I focus on usually. If you’re reading this thehappysmokers, send me some more on soundcloud! Or if anyone else has anything, hit me up, always lookin’ for something fresh (my soundcloud dropbox).

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We’re Here to Save the Day:
Album: Southern Gothic
Featuring: Asher Roth
Release Date: June 22, 2010

The Constellations:
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rock
Styles: Ghettotech, Psychedelic, Showtunes
Origin: Atlanta, GA
Elijah Jones: Vocals
Wes Hoffman: Bass
Jamie Gordon: Keys
Ryan Davis: Guitar, Keys
Trevor Birdsong: Guitar
Jason Nackers: Drums
Shabnam Bashiri: BGV’s, Claps, Percussion
Alaina Terry: BGV’s, Claps, Percussion
Albums: Southern Gothic
Links: MySpace | Wikipedia | | Facebook | Twitter |