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Tim Gunter – Electric Hustlin’

Mord Fustang & Rick Ross Mashup

Yea, I’ve been posting a lot of shit hip-hop, lately. But these mashup mavericks craft fine electro-beats around rappers who may not be the most relevant to our lives, but have something that many rappers overlook, a personality.

I see too many well versed rappers concentrate too hard on the meaning and not on how the rhyme flows with the beat – remember, you’re not rapping to a beat, the beat’s rappin’ to you (… you get what I mean). As much as hip-hop is about meaning, the first thing to music is feeling – and Rick Ross with the help of Tim Gunter’s mashup of Mord Fustang’s “Electric Dream” is nothing but feel (good) music.

Side note, Mord Fustang sounds a hell of a lot like DeadmeowSS

All Damn Day I’m Hustlin’.” (now that would be a good mashup)

Thanks to Dirty Mexican Lemonade for the first look.

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Eddy B & Tim Gunter:
Location: North Carolina
Genre: Electronica
Styles: Hip-Hop, Mashup
Members: Edrick Scarvers, Tim Gunter
Links: Facebook