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Terror Tone · Tundra (Ragga Twins Vocal Mix)

Only garage could make UK rap sound this bearable

Terror Tone’s Tundra instantly reminded me of times out in London, back when I was there in ’09. I worked for Universal Music at the time doing digital marketing for a few of their rap artists. And as terrible as they all were and the rap scene in general out there, I think I’ve finally found something from England, and technically Toronto too, that’s got potential. And even though the Ragga Twins are nothing new to the scene, if anything quite the opposite, with Terror Tone’s garage edit, this puts a whole new spark to “UK rap.”

** Beautiful “Tundra Soul” drawing by Nasugraq **

The SoundCloud embed is only a preview. Check out YouTube video below for a full version, though the preview highlights the best of it.

Terror Tone
Styles: Bass heavy dance music, House, Breaks, Garage, Dubstep
Location: Toronto, Canada
Labels: Stacked, Intellegenix, Jexonex
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